What have I done?

I’ve been a bad friend lately. I was told yesterday that for the past x times I’ve always replied that I’m abroad or ill when invited out for a catchup and/or drink. That has been true indeed. October decided to go past so-so-so-so fast and literally all over the place. But while being unavailable, away, really tired from travelling, nursing a cold, I have been to some pretty epic places (in a rather short period of time), and worked like a maniac. In a good way.

So what have I done? This is a chapter in the life of a self-confessed workaholic.


The ‘early fucking wakey’ really doesn’t get much easier when you do it a few times a week. But as humans are quite adapting creatures, you do get used to it a bit, as well as the poor hours of sleep. The early wakeys do have some perks – you get a lot of stuff done, in general. You also get to places at decent hours to get lots of stuff done. Like in the next photo – I think they landed us at the cargo part in Copenhagen airport, but nevertheless it was as empty as it gets. It was rather silly early o’clock in the morning. Quite a cool sight nevertheless.


So we went to Milan Expo. The coolest gallery there was obviously the Estonian one. And the cosiest one. We know how to do cosy (if you don’t believe me, google ‘Tallinn airport cosy’, et voilà).



I may or may not have tried to hustle myself that [drool] poster of Rasmus Mägi on the wall of our Expo gallery. Katrin Kuldma, whose creations the [godsend] athlete is wearing in that photo, said that the poster had been quite popular and I wasn’t the first genius who tried to talk her way into having it. #definitelynotcreepy


But let’s get back to more earthly topics. When one goes a lot from place A to B, one takes a lot of cloud photos from airplane windows. Clouds, how u so fluffy?

When I was little, I used to think that clouds are possibly the cosiest thing to sleep on. I had to rethink that one when I started jumping out of airplanes. No, not cosy at all.


Then we did London. Met with Cameron, went well. It was actually his birthday that day. Met with our veterans, was sweet. Estonia-England football game happened to be on that day as well, and we went to check it out at the end of the productive day. Not going deeper into that apart from stating that we lost like little bitches. At least I got to see Wembley, which has been a bit of a landmark in my previous life. All the places where I lived in London, had a view or almost-view of the Wembley arch from some window in the house. Wembley also affected my home journeys on quite a few occasions, because  when a match was on, it was indeed impossible to physically fit on the tube.


And because London is London, I couldn’t have gone without checking out some of my beloved ones. Greg also happened to have a gig one night. Was amazing. You will want to listen to all of their stuff. They’re also on Spotify. You can thank me later.



Always happy to see my catsicle when stopping by at home. The catsicle seems to think I’m a new piece of furniture. I don’t mind.

Then there were Dubai and Oman. Both went well, both really different. Dubai is grandiose, flashy, bigger-and-better-than-yours – a true spectacle. Oman is like an Arabian tale. The one thing those two places had in common was the supremely lovely and hospitable people. They truly know how to make you feel welcome.


Above you can find the view from the Government Office of Dubai. I love my workplace and we do have some amazing views going on, but I have to sourly admit that this one made me slightly jealous. Not bad for an office view, not bad at all.


Selfies are normally best taken with a cameraphone. In this one, I somehow managed to get a decent shot with the big camera. Big buildings need big cameras. Burj Khalifa.


If you look closely, you can see some weird-looking structures in the pool. Those things turn the pool (not actually sure that you can swim there – rather not) into a grandiose and a half fountain. I’ve seen the amazing waterworks at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, but those were built to be better, higher, and more spectacular. Can’t argue with that.


Then there was Oman (above a fragment from the ceiling of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat). With Dubai I had some sort of an image or expectation in mind, and the reality didn’t miss it by much. It was a lot warmer than I thought it would be. But Oman – a different planet, I could say. Everything is absolutely stunning, even the new buildings follow the authentic national style. And yes, the temperature… Rather hot. How locals solve the problem is air conditioning. And their AC is so top notch that if you’re sitting at a long dinner table, everyone will feel that “I think I was sitting right underneath the AC”. The food and company were top notch, though. So all in all, still amazing.


Above is an image from the Royal Opera House in Muscat. If you look closely, you can see screens at the back of seats – that’s where they have the translation. There are only two opera houses in Arab countries, one in Cairo and the other in Muscat. A third one is being built into Dubai – and it will be the largest one. No surprise there. Back to the mosque for one selfie. The Grand Mosque was the only place during Dubai-Oman trip where the ladies of the delegation wore scarves. I haven’t done my research on the common conceptions of the two places, but in my own book a little positive surprise was noted down for a lot more open and liberal attitude than expected.


It was my beloved Lilly who at one point noted in a worried voice that I haven’t posted any photos of my kittycat lately. So here’s an obligatory cat photo from when I returned home. Cat-on-bag morning situation. Not sure what she had in mind, but she definitely gave close to zero fucks about me having to go to work.


Add a few days on the ground, another round of terrible sniffles, and off we go again.

Here’s what I mean about the airplane photos. Earth, u so pretty!


The photo above was taken on the way to Iceland. Iceland has been one of my absolute dream travel destinations. The thing with work travelling is that.. well, you’re working. And it doesn’t mean that you’ll have time to do any sightseeing. But luck was on my side, because probably due to the fact that the Northern Future Forum (which is the reason we went there) was happening, plane tickets were sparse. So I had to fly in alone a few hours earlier than the rest of the delegation. This means I got to land when it was still bright outside. And I was also greeted by a sleet storm. But Iceland is one of those places where terrible weather is basically a given, so you’re not really allowed to moan about it. And it was still pretty out of this world, to be honest. Here’s the Iceland land that greeted me when landing (another airplane window shot). Volcanic land with bits of snow/sleet.


Our ambassador squeezed in a high speed crash course sightseeing in Reykavik at the end of the day. It wasn’t much, but I was completely head over heels in love with the place by then anyway. I even got as far as googling courses at University of Iceland. Obligatory half-head selfie with a landmark.


I also started planning my next proper trip to Iceland. Will probably rent a 4×4 and drive through the whole island. Oh, and one more cool thing in Reykjavik – Harpa. It’s a concert hall that was built during the recession. Basically the only (and by no means cheap) construction happening at Reykjavik during the tough times. People thought it to be a fairly crazy and unreasonable project, but now it’s turned out to be worth its while. It hosts concerts, and conferences, and shows etc, and just generally looks pretty damn amazing. My taxi driver (the best ever source for information) told me that the house is actually a speaker itself when there is a concert on. The exterior has cool lights on it, and the interior looks suave. What lovely shapes and structures.


So here’s what I’ve done. I’m sure I will feel a bit lost for the next couple of weeks, because I will spend them in one country. I should (probably will) think of some quick weekend trip to go for. Although the crazy running around gets quite tiring at times, and your skin gets awful from all the recycled and airconditioned air, when you get off the wheel, you might experience a bit of a hole in your life. At all fairness, it is all as exciting as it is demanding. And! I have the most amazing colleagues as travel buddies.

But there is more to life than work, so I will use this time to nurture myself back to health, find my friends who hopefully haven’t disowned me completely, and enjoy the lovely darkness of November. And when the travelling hangover kicks in and the darkness amplifies it, I can always find solace in the fact that there is something quintessentially Northern and almost romantic about the self-loathing that latches on then daylight dies.


Art of War.

It’s not what you think, but it sort of also is. I’ve grown up in a privileged enough time and space to know and acknowledge the very near presence of war, yet not live in it. War has always been a distant thing, and even when taking my home country’s history into account, it’s still always been a hazy far away problem. It happens elsewhere. It’s tragic, I wish it didn’t, but it does. I’ve always also felt so immeasurably incapable of thinking in terms of war and how one civilian (as myself) could even begin to contribute to putting an end to it. But this is not what I actually had in mind when giving this blog post this title. The actual war in Ukraine at the moment is very much on my mind every single minute of the day, and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that also elsewhere in the world, innocent people suffer because of terrorist organisations. It’s not my place to say anything more than that as little as I believe in God as such… I do pray for these atrocities to end.

But going to a more tangible level, we all have our own little personal wars to deal with. I can say with all honesty that I’ve been in a rather strange situation from where one aspect my life is blooming, I’m doing great, and I feel like I’m actually useful on a much broader scale than ever. I feel like I’m making a difference. But on the other hand, I’m at war. First with myself, and second, with my little nasty (yet ever so present) demons. I’ve found a little straw that I feel will help me hoist myself out of this strange pit I’ve been lurking around for the past month or so. The infamous “bottom” of all things. I’m not intimidated, because as life would normally have it, we do the old rock bottom just to gloriously climb back out again, so it’s a natural course of things and we all face those different levels of ennui in life.

What’s been interesting to process in this “bottom” part of my life right now, is how to deal with misconceptions, and expectations. Most of our interpretations spin from our expectations and the opposing side’s communication. I guess I have been spoiled by my usually pretty damn good intuition. My war at the moment is with my own intuition getting me ridiculously wrong. It’s nothing more than a blow to the ego, and you can go all Freudian on it, but at the end of the day, it’s nothing more glamorous than just feeling like a d*ck when looking in the mirror. You go thinking how could you be so stupid and hence cause so much pain for yourself. Where is the instinct of self-preservation? How have I suddenly become so sh*t at life?

Anyway, the battles in which we choose ourselves to be the enemy, are the worst. But they are also the best lessons.

A dear friend of mine came to visit tonight. A lovely time as per usual. I have to repeat myself, but I love my people. With all the inner burnings and “adventures” I take upon myself on occasion, they really do keep my feet on the ground, they make things cool. Anyway, she brought me a perfume she thought I would like. She was right, even though it’s not a perfume people would normally expect of me (a little side note for those who have not smelled this vice on me yet: I have an epic soft spot for fancy perfumes). It’s L’Art de la Guerre by Jovoy. The art of war. The picture that the scent triggered in me was of a deep fir forest, with sunrays beaming through the thick canopies, and perhaps a little glistening secret forest spring embedded amidst a soft velvety blanket of deep green moss, walking barefoot, the sweet powdery air almost intoxicatingly calling for the here and now, with a purpose so eminent in your step that there is no other option but feeling like you’re going to war that you will win.

And I think it’s time I picked up the book (by Sun Tzu) again. Don’t even know why I put it down in the first place.

I know this is not a forest, but what’s a blog post without a photo? There you go, I had no idea Belgium was so pretty.

What’s done is done.

This is the time of the year for looking back, perhaps even looking back at things and (re)learning some lessons, as well as evaluating what went well, what didn’t quite go as planned.

I finally made it to New York. Yes, tears were shed.
I finally made it to New York. Yes, tears were shed. This photo is taken at 450 Lexington Ave.

My year has been turbulent, literally and metaphorically. Where do I start? I guess the year’s half time would be an appropriate, because that was the time my life took a new turn when I changed jobs. It would be an understatement to say I was scared. I was terrified. I became a civil servant. I switched sides completely – from journalism to government communications. With a thousand doubts in mind, which I’m not even going to spell out here, because in retrospect they are beyond silly, I decided to do something that proved to be one of the best decisions of my life this far.

I remember someone telling me that the real fun starts when things get scary – it means you’ve got something to lose. It means we’re dealing with things that really matter. I’m happy I didn’t need to make any real sacrifices, and it definitely wasn’t a change to the Dark Side, as is often said about moving from journalism to PR/communications.

My five and a half months at Stenbock House have flown past at incredible speed. I have also flown a lot during that time (hence the literal turbulence). I spent half of December abroad (touched the surface of nine foreign countries), and suffered the worst jetlag of my life. But during that time I also pushed my photography skills and speed to a completely new level, and felt an incredible creative flow, which I am so grateful for. I do miss my colleagues at Eesti Päevaleht and Delfi, they are real sweethearts, but my new team is equally inspiring – great to learn from and work with.

When I think back at the past year, I’m overcome with an immeasurable sense of gratitude. I keep realising over and over again, that I am surrounded by the most amazing and supporting people, who’ve unnoticeably helped and pushed me towards the things I later realise I’ve always waited for. The new people who’ve crossed my path, are gems. My older friends, they are life’s essentials. Without my safety net, I’d be going nowhere fast.

The turbulence (now speaking about the metaphorical one) continues on a personal level. I have moved twice this year, had and not had a cat, and experienced (read: created) some really messed up affairs, and burned my fingers. But at the same time, the turbulence has also contributed to some unforgettable experiences and episodes. Some which cannot bear the light of the day, some which need to be laughed at loud. A whole lot of yolo. Most of the time, a terrible idea, but my god, it’s fun (until it’s not, but even then, hey, life goes on).

Thanks for the joyride, 2014. You’ve changed my life forever. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And thank you, honeybunnies, for being part of the ride.

Some more shareworthy moments through a lens, for your viewing pleasure. Let these photos speak for themselves, I’m out of words, out of wit.

San Francisco is real pretty. Even when it's a bit foggy. View from Twin Peaks summit.
San Francisco is real pretty. Even when it’s a bit foggy. View from Twin Peaks summit.
Golden Gate Bridge traffic and stuff. I happen to absolutely love bridges and other suspended structures.
Golden Gate Bridge traffic and stuff. I happen to absolutely love bridges and other suspended structures.
Find the little blue bird in the canopy. Taken right next to Stanford University Library.
Find the little blue bird in the canopy. Taken right next to Stanford University Library.
I will offer my undivided and unconditional love to the person who gets me one of these Google bikes. Photo taken at Googleplex / Palo Alto.
I will offer my undivided and unconditional love to the person who gets me one of these Google bikes. Photo taken at Googleplex / Palo Alto.
View from the White House.
View from the White House.
View from the Capitol.
View from the Capitol.
Speaker John Boehner at his office. (Possibly the best photo I've taken this far.)
Speaker John Boehner at his office. (Possibly the best photo I’ve taken this far.)
Not too bad for an office view, right? (At US Congress, Speaker Boehner's balcony.)
Not too bad for an office view, right? (At US Congress, Speaker Boehner’s balcony.)

Il fait froid. Dans ma cœur. Sniff.

I spent an incredibly lovely weekend in London. Saw some people who hold a really special place in my heart, went to a ridiculously good night out and had a barbecue with some awesome people. The weather was nice and vibes were good. What else could a girl ask for?
I wonder if it has anything to do with the stupid fact that the grass is always greener on the other side, but damn you, London. Why did you have to feel like home after all these (two) years? You greeted me with your nasty rain, I got soaked, but yet I felt nostalgic enough to actually shed a tiny tear when the plane landed.

All this confuses my heart a lot. [insert weird noises on the border of freaking out and screaming]

Also. Friday night. Hospitality @ Brixton Academy. Too good.


Life, among other things

I’ve been postponing writing this post for a while now. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t think it’s actually possible to fit what I’m feeling into the shape of words on screen or because I’ve been so completely drained from finishing my thesis and (well, hopefully) the degree. The last week in Amsterdam was tough as hell, both intellectually and emotionally. I got immensely negative feedback and the last of my remaining self-confidence (thesis-wise) got shaken up three days before the initial deadline I’d set for myself. However, after a major mental breakdown, panic and anger, I pulled through and hopefully the changes I made with two days were good enough to get me a passing grade. Tough luck I had to sit on my arse for two weeks, waiting for feedback on my full draft. But stuff like this happens. Now it’s all in the past and new craziness awaits.

So, I moved back to Estonia. Dad came to pick me up (he drove to Amsterdam) – what a legend. However, my backside did not appreciate the 2200km drive. What was super tough, was saying bye to all the beautiful people in Amsterdam. Had goodbye drinks with the main crew, which was lovely, but I hate goodbyes. Saying my ‘see you soon’-s to those people was particularly difficult, because I’ve been extremely lucky to meet so many great people during my year there. I’ve learnt so much from my friends, they’ve made me a lot more complete and whole as a person, I wouldn’t have expected that, at least not to such extent. They’re under my skin and I truly hope our paths will cross again.

It broke my heart to move out from Juliana & Mario’s flat. They are some of the kindest and genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met. Our half a year of living together was the easiest co-existence ever. Great friends and great flatmates, I had so much fun with them. Would live with them again without a second of doubt.

In short, words don’t come close to how grateful I am for having such beautiful people around me.

But yeah, now I’m in Tallinn, and the summer is all about tough love again. It’s been outrageously cold and rainy. At least it’ll be easier to sit in an office and work when it’s not beach weather. And right now it’s as far from that as it gets. I wonder if people will ever stop moaning about the weather though?

So, I start work on 9th July. I’ve been going to the office to take care of the formalities and meet some people, but have also been to two news meetings. There’s a lot to take in and learn, but I am very excited about it all. I really hope I’ll do good and learn fast. This is as exciting as my professional life at this stage of my life can get. *happy excited clapping and squealing*

As per usual for this time of the year, and also due to life changing events such as finishing university (again), starting a job, and moving to another country, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking too. Early summers tend to make me pensive. The abovementioned has definitely pushed my mindset towards existential ponderings. I’ve been trying to figure out stuff in my head, but without much luck. The one thing I know for sure, is that this is where I need to be, and want to be, for now (in terms of life situation).. but how should I be here? That’s the tricky one. I guess there’s not much more I can do than justgo with the flow(big up clichés).. Life seems to have gathered enough momentum to push me whatever way it decides to when it’s time to do so, at full force.

I’m going to try to spend as much time at our summer house before starting work to get my chakras properly aligned again. Leaving for the island again tomorrow. Need to man up about the weather too.

Our kittycat has gone to kittycat Valhalla. So fucking unfair, but life does that sometimes. Rest in peace Kiisu, you little emperor in a golden bath robe. I hope you loved your 10-year life with us. May there be lots of birds to chase where you’re at, and a lot of jelly conserve to nom. I miss you so much, my furry bestie.


Amsterdam is doing pretty well right now.

Pretty much posting this here so that when (weather) things get back to normal I can look at this with tenderness and remember how beautiful it was when I was going through my last struggles with this degree.


I decided to get out of Amsterdam for a day, turns out it was one of the best ideas I’ve had in a while. I had one of the best Saturdays (caturday) I’ve had in a long while. The good day started with the necessary stereotype – weather was absolutely stunning. I walked to the centre in the morning, picked up some books from Waterstones and took a train to Utrecht where I met up with Ingeborg, whom I hadn’t seen in way too long. We walked around town, had copious amounts of coffee, cake, macaroons (which I tried for the first time ever – believe the hype, they’re amazing). Sun was shining and people were beautiful. We sat in a Coffee Company for hours and talked, peoplewatched and just took it easy. And then we walked around some more – Utrecht is such a cute little city. It’s a lot greener than Amsterdam, canals somehow feel cleaner, even though I’m pretty sure that’s not true, but the water there really has a different feel. Good vibes all over. Even though we couldn’t climb the tower we wanted to climb (they only let guided tours up and the day was fully booked), the cuteness crawled under my skin. Holland is almost sickeningly idyllic in sunshine!

After we were done with town business, we chilled at Ingeborg’s little room, which is super nice too. I’m so happy and grateful she didn’t find a place to live straight away, so she stayed with me until she found that adorable little room. If she’d had something already upon arrival, we’d never umm.. found each other : D ? Anyway, it’s a perfect example of how inconveniences can return something nice. Later in the evening we met up with her friends from uni, international students as well, and went to cook dinner at Nicolas’ (a sweet Frenchman) place. The house had a ping pong table in front and we stayed outside until it got dark (and that happens pretty late right now as it’s almost summer in Europe etc). Francesca, a tiny and super lovely Italian girl, made beautiful risotto, football was watched (epic game, well done Chelsea) and drinks were had. Nicolas’ balcony is amazing, can see most of Utrecht from there – I really have missed being somewhere higher up.

There was some sort of a festival thingie going on in Utrecht with events all over town, so we ended up going to one outdoor party thing in Neude (central square) followed by a long night of boogie in a bar nearby. Danced until we couldn’t dance no more and crashed happy and exhausted at Ingeborg’s at the earlier hours of the morning. All in all, I haven’t had such a great time going out for ages. Going out has always been either ruined by getting tired too early or generally feeling guilty about not writing thesis. I didn’t realise how much I needed this until I felt the epic positive charge taking over me. Even though I haven’t slept too much and a night of drinks and dance is still somewhat reminding me of itself in my body, but I am so happy. I am so rested, even though I’m not. It feels like I rebooted my brains. I think this will make the final efforts of this degree a lot more bearable too. Not much could get to me right now, and that is a refreshing feeling to have, a big contrast to the mindset I’ve been in for too long.

I am so grateful and so lucky to have such amazing people around me. I hope the ones that keep me going know how much I appreciate it, how much it means to me to have them. I love my people.

On my way back I listened to these tracks, they amplified the good vibes even more. Everything in life is better with an appropriate soundtrack.

What I do when I need to do something

What does one do when one has a Master’s thesis to write? One takes photos of her plants, the vans parked outside and experiments with different shutter speeds. And of course the rose you will see from erm many angles below, has decided to start blooming at this convenient time when I’m technically 1500 words away from filling my minimum word limit. The end is near! And if it wasn’t, I think I’d be in real trouble. I’m starting to lose sharpness in everyday functioning (e.g. misplacing thins I never misplace, like my bank card or doing things in a weird order in the shower when I’ve had the same routine for the past 23 years) and doing silly things.

At the same time I’m growing more and more anxious about starting my new job in Estonia (the date has been set for 9th July). Got so much to look forward to, and my thesis countdown tells me 28 days 22h 44 minutes something at this very moment.

Here are some photos I took today, mildly tacky flower shots, but that’s all I’ve got for now (when I hand in my first thesis draft next Friday, I’m planning on going exploring the country I’ve been living in, will report back with photographic evidence). Of my parsley & basil plants, the small red blossoms belong to my newest aquisition, I actually don’t know its species, but it seems to be getting along with my oddly shaped rose. The ivy was feeling aloof on top of the wardrobe and didn’t want to be photographed. Oh well, got a cute van instead (whoever gets me one of those – I will love you longer and more than an eternity would manage). What an awesome distraction, the camera, I mean. The morning was pretty sunny so I got to try out a few things, while rolling on the floor. Speaking of rolling on the floor, I’m surprised I haven’t used the cleaning-excuse for procrastinating yet. Thesis is serious business after all! The beautiful tulips are what Mario got Juliana. They’re in a small blue bucket! My flatmates are the most adorable ever, fyi.

In other news, I think my music taste is becoming inexcusably gradually worse. Guilty pleasure playlist is taking over and I’m showing no shame. But then luckily Synkro releases new stuff and sorts me out again. Phew! Also, got a very sweet tweet the other day from someone who suggested I kept writing as she couldn’t stop reading once she randomly stumbled upon this blog. That put a very big smile on my face, and this is me writing. Both thesis and this blog.

Life happens

I was reading my writings from about a year ago when I was writing my BA dissertation. I really wasn’t feeling it back then it seems. It’s comforting to know that today I am in a much happier place academically and I have my fingers crossed for other good things in life. It’s a bit scary and uncertain at this point, however there are things to look forward to. Life to look forward to.

I just returned from a 10-day trip from Estonia and Finland. It was a break much needed, even though it wasn’t much of a break – still had to worry about one last assignment and take care of some mundane business. However, I got to spend time with my lovely Juulia in Finland – she just recharges me, truly one of the people who makes things worthwhile. I also managed to see some of my dearest ones in Estonia. Linn celebrated her birthday, it was full of love, made me very happy. All in all, the people around me are amazing. That is all.

My life also decided to take an unexpected turn in the form of a job offer, which I had completely forgotten and filed away as “as if they’re going to get back to me”. In about 24h I got to rethink everything I had planned, or more precisely not planned yet and I must say it was refreshing. The deal is not sealed yet, I am waiting for a response on how good my ideas for the job are. If they’re not good enough, well.. that would suck. Hopefully. I really want this. Funny thing is I didn’t even know I wanted this – I never allowed myself to dream as big. But now that there’s a slight chance I can do more with my life than I ever dared to hope, I… well. You get the point. It’s a chance of a lifetime and now the weight of my ideas, my vision, is the deciding point. I wish I believed in God – I would pray. But for now I’m going to cross my fingers and just hope.

I’ve always struggled a bit with finding proof that what I’ve been doing this far in life is actually going to pay off in the end. That’s what staying in education for too long does to you. I’ve got 66 days left until my thesis deadline and hopefully I can start a life then. A life with a different motivation and drive, a perspective and stability.

As I’m left with just one more thing to write – my thesis, and I need excuses to procrastinate, I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting more here. That’s how I roll.

Can’t wait to breathe out soon.

My thoughts exactly

(Author unknown/uncredited. Source: Reddit)

But in general we need to stop throwing parties at our place, because the amount of alcohol we end up with, after the party, is growing exponentially. I don’t know what the weird laws of physics are here, but we started with a bottle of wine, two vodkas and a sixpack, ended with two sixpacks, some stray beers, 10 unopened wine bottles and some bits and bobs, as well as extra snacks. Not that I’m complaining, but you know it’s just bizarre, because adult amounts of alcoholic beverages were consumed throughout the night and we still ended up with this much extra. Was a lovely very early birthday celebration (along with Daniel’s) + Estonian Independence Day.

In other news, uni work galore, Switzerland in a week, 23rd day of being born in a week, same old, same old.

Brigadeiro. Brazilian birthday sweet treat (made of condensed milk, cocoa powder and chocolate sprinkles), courtesy of the lovely Juliana
Estonian Punch. Punch as in punch in the face.
The joys of having a flatmate from product design background, oh yeah, that's a colander, not a bowl.
awkwardfamilyphotos.com? - Mario, Juliana & myself some time ago
"Happy birthday to me" Daniel
Chris bro
Forever Alone Balloon
Andrei & Mario... me gusta?
Me gusta fame
And that's me captcha-sitting (was scraping Google at the early hours of the party). New Media student after all.

That’s me done for now. I have so many exciting activities to choose from… like reading sociology, writing an assignment, researching for my thesis… or watching something and going to sleep.