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Working hours

What’s the point of making the effort and waking up early if, let’s be honest, my actual efficient work starts in the late afternoon. Obviously, the earlier part of the day is largely spent on reading, which makes the later burst of labour possible. But why can’t I have a balanced, [brain] energy efficient working mode? Like, my head would be duo-tasking – reading and writing down good quality academic work at the same time.

Massive Attack helps.

Radio Classique helps.

Coffee  helps.

I hate my academic programming. Not very 2.0 at all.

Hard at work.

Used this photo because I’ve got the same spectacles and I like cats (and sleep). [Source]

First time this year

I fell asleep in the sun today while reading for my dissertation. I think this is a remarkable thing, because it was inexcusably warm and good weather normally only happens when you’re doing some of the most important work of your academic career.

I really wouldn’t mind the summer now and being able to read books without having to underline or take notes. Just books.

This whole media/journalism/PR/internet theme is getting a bit repetitive! But. I know I shouldn’t complain, because things are in progress AND there are people who are worse off than me. Much worse. I’m just lazy. And easily distracted by stuff like blogging…

Here’s a photo from last summer, taken in Hiiumaa.


I’m probably going to be off the radar until 5/5/2011. That’s the D-DAY. But no true liberation will overflow my body and soul before 9/5/2011. I will be back, people. More educated, less sane and a lot more drunk!