About challenges and all.

I was challenged to the ALS ice bucket challenge by my beloved honeybunny Meisi. Before I say the ungodly words – I do not accept the challenge, let me explain why. Also, I have already made my donation, directly to someone in need. It is truly heartwarming how social media has been used for something good – raising awareness and supporting a cause. However, I do not believe charity should be done on a campaign-basis. I believe charity should be a regular part of our lives and it does not need to be in material forms. Help a stranger out, volunteer, be good to yourself, to others, and if possible – do give some money to a cause you support. 

So instead of accepting the ice bucket challenge, I will make a public promise (or however public this blog post is) to commit to being mindful, being better to others around me, and to help regularly. I won’t challenge anyone myself either. I just hope you have something or someone in your life you care about and want to selflessly support. One-off act of kindness is better than nothing, but I think sustainablity – in all forms – is the way forward. Let’s not stop caring after the viral aspect of the ALS ice bucket challenge calms down. Keep helping, keep donating (regardless of the form – be it money or time), keep being better to others and to the planet.

Much love.


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