It’s always better.

It’s always better when the sun is out.

No two ways about it.

Especially when you’re delirious with exhaustion.

Although it is super weird we’re getting proper British spring weather in February. It creeps me out a little, but seeing as my (cross-country) skiing career failed miserably, because of the weather, of course, I don’t mind moving onto the spring. When I was little I’d always thought I’m a spring child, as in born in the spring. I think it was when I was officially a fully grown adult that I realised 3rd March being very much in the winter. Maybe now that I’m turning page 25 soon, I can once have a proper spring birthday?

Yesterday was our Independence Day. Happy 96th birthday, beloved Estonia of mine. But I’ll meditate on what exactly happened yesterday when I can tell night from day again, up from down, and don’t try to write phonetically (in Estonian)… A very bad inconvenience for someone who makes their living as an editor/journalist. Sigh.


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