What-what I do do do doooo.

The Independence Day is looming, which means lots of work and preparations are looming, too. Spent the whole of yesterday shooting intermediate clips to our special broadcast yesterday. Locations included the railway station and open air museum. Luckily the open air museum features cool interiors, so we used their ‘ballroom’ (calling it that is a bit of a stretch, but I’m sure one could have a ball there, anyway, it’s a big room with long tables in their village pub thingie) and the pub itself for a few clips. Good thing we didn’t have to enjoy the shitty skiing weather outside all day.

Field notes: Estonian traditional folk music is pretty funky and funny, especially when you hear the same song about 15 times in a row. Damn you, funny music, y u so catchy? Turns out my winter gear is way too monochrome, the most colourful (outerwear thingie) I own is grey. So I had to get another coat for the shoot, so I wouldn’t blend in with the rest of the grey surroundings too well. Good thing colour is en vogue in the spring, but wearing a spring coat is also supremely chilly. Survived, though. Gotta love the arctic blood flowing in my cold-cold heart and soul.

So here’s a little action shot with the co-host and cameraman. Featuring also some ethnic fabrics (each region has their own colours and patterns) and some old peeps.



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