Today i left my phone at home in the morning. When I got it back during the day, it was only for a few hours before it decided to completely and utterly die on me. What are the odds? At first I felt a but anxious because I had some engagements to sort out, but a few hours in I started feeling really calm. I had the one number I possibly would have needed written on my hand, and everything else wad irrelevant. It started feeling better and better. Went for a few drinks with peeps to send Ott off, and it was refreshing for the brain to know that I cannot be reached. It’s of course unlikely something super urgent would have come up, but it’s about the knowing. And the knowing is good.

Apparently there’s this game going around: a group of friends is out for drinks/meals, everyone puts their phones in the middle of the table and on vibrate. The first person to check their phone buys the whole table the meals. Ingenious.

Recommendation of the day: disconnected time. Real interaction. Who knows what might happen when shit gets real, with the most bandwidth of all?


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