C’est difficile

by Ave

For the past two days I have been meditating on topics of cancer. Pretty heavy. I guess that’s what the modern world does to you – even things happening on the other side of the ocean and a continent can affect your little daily life.
I pieced together a few stories on breast cancer and translated Angelina Jolie’s comment piece, among other things.
One of the heaviest things was featuring Angelo Merendino’s photography of his wife Jennifer’s battle (which was lost) with breast cancer. His heartbreaking and brutally honest documentation if the hardships and pain really shook some things inside me. I cannot put it into words, nor do I think it’s appropriate. All I want to say is that… Read and watch Jen’s and Ange’s story and let it do the talking for you.
Life is incredibly feeble and should not be wasted on poisonous feelings, regret and destruction

Thank you, Ange, for allowing me to feature your story. I am humbled by your strength, encouraged by your love and compassion for Jen, and honoured to share your incredible photos and this story.

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