Macaroon face

by Ave

This is my ‘trying macaroons for the first time’ face. What’s yours like? I was so pleasantly surprised they were nothing like meringue. For some unknown reason I thought they’d have texture similar to meringue. How wrong was I and how good were the… do they classify as cookies? Face disclaimer – got blinded by the sun, not pulling weird grimaces at the rainbow coloured pastries.

Photo credit: Inks. City credit: Utrecht. Bliss credit: life.

Ja no mitte kuidagi ei saa endal makaroni-seost peast välja! ‘Makaroninägu’ oleks päris hea emakeelne postituspealkiri. Aga ebaviisakas on rääkida nii, et ainult priviligeeritud aru saavad, niiet tšaupakaa. Seda ka, et ma varsti tulen koju.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I woke up this morning with my left eye swollen almost completely shut. It’s not the first time this has happened to me and I haven’t managed to find a reason for it yet. Just one eye. Swelling goes down after holding a fresh-from-the-fridge jam jar on the eye for about 15min. No stye or anything either. Must have punched myself in the eye in my sleep? What is this wizardry?
I will treat the person who solves my occasional swollen eye mystery to a macaroon (upon request).