I decided to get out of Amsterdam for a day, turns out it was one of the best ideas I’ve had in a while. I had one of the best Saturdays (caturday) I’ve had in a long while. The good day started with the necessary stereotype – weather was absolutely stunning. I walked to the centre in the morning, picked up some books from Waterstones and took a train to Utrecht where I met up with Ingeborg, whom I hadn’t seen in way too long. We walked around town, had copious amounts of coffee, cake, macaroons (which I tried for the first time ever – believe the hype, they’re amazing). Sun was shining and people were beautiful. We sat in a Coffee Company for hours and talked, peoplewatched and just took it easy. And then we walked around some more – Utrecht is such a cute little city. It’s a lot greener than Amsterdam, canals somehow feel cleaner, even though I’m pretty sure that’s not true, but the water there really has a different feel. Good vibes all over. Even though we couldn’t climb the tower we wanted to climb (they only let guided tours up and the day was fully booked), the cuteness crawled under my skin. Holland is almost sickeningly idyllic in sunshine!

After we were done with town business, we chilled at Ingeborg’s little room, which is super nice too. I’m so happy and grateful she didn’t find a place to live straight away, so she stayed with me until she found that adorable little room. If she’d had something already upon arrival, we’d never umm.. found each other : D ? Anyway, it’s a perfect example of how inconveniences can return something nice. Later in the evening we met up with her friends from uni, international students as well, and went to cook dinner at Nicolas’ (a sweet Frenchman) place. The house had a ping pong table in front and we stayed outside until it got dark (and that happens pretty late right now as it’s almost summer in Europe etc). Francesca, a tiny and super lovely Italian girl, made beautiful risotto, football was watched (epic game, well done Chelsea) and drinks were had. Nicolas’ balcony is amazing, can see most of Utrecht from there – I really have missed being somewhere higher up.

There was some sort of a festival thingie going on in Utrecht with events all over town, so we ended up going to one outdoor party thing in Neude (central square) followed by a long night of boogie in a bar nearby. Danced until we couldn’t dance no more and crashed happy and exhausted at Ingeborg’s at the earlier hours of the morning. All in all, I haven’t had such a great time going out for ages. Going out has always been either ruined by getting tired too early or generally feeling guilty about not writing thesis. I didn’t realise how much I needed this until I felt the epic positive charge taking over me. Even though I haven’t slept too much and a night of drinks and dance is still somewhat reminding me of itself in my body, but I am so happy. I am so rested, even though I’m not. It feels like I rebooted my brains. I think this will make the final efforts of this degree a lot more bearable too. Not much could get to me right now, and that is a refreshing feeling to have, a big contrast to the mindset I’ve been in for too long.

I am so grateful and so lucky to have such amazing people around me. I hope the ones that keep me going know how much I appreciate it, how much it means to me to have them. I love my people.

On my way back I listened to these tracks, they amplified the good vibes even more. Everything in life is better with an appropriate soundtrack.


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