What I do when I need to do something

What does one do when one has a Master’s thesis to write? One takes photos of her plants, the vans parked outside and experiments with different shutter speeds. And of course the rose you will see from erm many angles below, has decided to start blooming at this convenient time when I’m technically 1500 words away from filling my minimum word limit. The end is near! And if it wasn’t, I think I’d be in real trouble. I’m starting to lose sharpness in everyday functioning (e.g. misplacing thins I never misplace, like my bank card or doing things in a weird order in the shower when I’ve had the same routine for the past 23 years) and doing silly things.

At the same time I’m growing more and more anxious about starting my new job in Estonia (the date has been set for 9th July). Got so much to look forward to, and my thesis countdown tells me 28 days 22h 44 minutes something at this very moment.

Here are some photos I took today, mildly tacky flower shots, but that’s all I’ve got for now (when I hand in my first thesis draft next Friday, I’m planning on going exploring the country I’ve been living in, will report back with photographic evidence). Of my parsley & basil plants, the small red blossoms belong to my newest aquisition, I actually don’t know its species, but it seems to be getting along with my oddly shaped rose. The ivy was feeling aloof on top of the wardrobe and didn’t want to be photographed. Oh well, got a cute van instead (whoever gets me one of those – I will love you longer and more than an eternity would manage). What an awesome distraction, the camera, I mean. The morning was pretty sunny so I got to try out a few things, while rolling on the floor. Speaking of rolling on the floor, I’m surprised I haven’t used the cleaning-excuse for procrastinating yet. Thesis is serious business after all! The beautiful tulips are what Mario got Juliana. They’re in a small blue bucket! My flatmates are the most adorable ever, fyi.

In other news, I think my music taste is becoming inexcusably gradually worse. Guilty pleasure playlist is taking over and I’m showing no shame. But then luckily Synkro releases new stuff and sorts me out again. Phew! Also, got a very sweet tweet the other day from someone who suggested I kept writing as she couldn’t stop reading once she randomly stumbled upon this blog. That put a very big smile on my face, and this is me writing. Both thesis and this blog.


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