My thoughts exactly

(Author unknown/uncredited. Source: Reddit)

But in general we need to stop throwing parties at our place, because the amount of alcohol we end up with, after the party, is growing exponentially. I don’t know what the weird laws of physics are here, but we started with a bottle of wine, two vodkas and a sixpack, ended with two sixpacks, some stray beers, 10 unopened wine bottles and some bits and bobs, as well as extra snacks. Not that I’m complaining, but you know it’s just bizarre, because adult amounts of alcoholic beverages were consumed throughout the night and we still ended up with this much extra. Was a lovely very early birthday celebration (along with Daniel’s) + Estonian Independence Day.

In other news, uni work galore, Switzerland in a week, 23rd day of being born in a week, same old, same old.

Brigadeiro. Brazilian birthday sweet treat (made of condensed milk, cocoa powder and chocolate sprinkles), courtesy of the lovely Juliana
Estonian Punch. Punch as in punch in the face.
The joys of having a flatmate from product design background, oh yeah, that's a colander, not a bowl. - Mario, Juliana & myself some time ago
"Happy birthday to me" Daniel
Chris bro
Forever Alone Balloon
Andrei & Mario... me gusta?
Me gusta fame
And that's me captcha-sitting (was scraping Google at the early hours of the party). New Media student after all.

That’s me done for now. I have so many exciting activities to choose from… like reading sociology, writing an assignment, researching for my thesis… or watching something and going to sleep.


7 thoughts on “My thoughts exactly

    1. I should have probably added that unfortunately the cat photo isn’t my own.
      I took a similar one in Budapest years ago, but dogs sleeping under a ‘no dogs’ sign hehe.

  1. The first photo is wonderful – a true cat perception of the world. As to the mystery of the bottles, it is even spookier. My wife and I are , um “older”. and practically none drinkers and very infrequent socializers.. In spite of this we somehow manage to acquire bottles of wine without purchasing any.. A small group comes for dinner, nearly never drink and yet we have been gifted with another bottle or two. Fortunately I can use them in cooking.

    1. Should have mentioned the first photo isn’t my own, but nevertheless I love it too. I took a similar one in Budapest a years ago, with a dog sleeping under a ‘no dogs allowed’ sign arrogantly. Oh animals!

      May have to cook with wine too, this week, however I’m not sure if I could go through 10!

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