Stay the same

It’s been a while since I had lyrics deciphering the vibe. Or conveying it. However, ‘Stay The Same’ by Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana has perhaps been hitting too close to home for comfort and it gets to me every time. I love the huskiness of Triana’s voice, the simplicity of the words and melodies – very powerful when put together.

It always makes me a little bit sad when I have bindblowing food alone. Especially when I have to leave the second portion in the fridge for the next day. Tonight I had pangasius fillet with broccoli + cauliflower + kohlrabi side. The pangasius was seasoned with a lemon & garlic marinade, I panfried it and freshly ground some black pepper on top. Veg were in big chunks, thrown in boiling water for about 3 minutes, just so they’re cooked from the outside, but inside is perfectly crunchy. But yeah, supermarkets don’t really support people eating alone. The fish was prepackaged in a pair, same with veggies – too much for one person. Oh well, at least it was über tasty, so I can have another peng dinner tomorrow.

Or maybe I’m just getting a bit melancholic because I had to part with my ugly as hell but faitful friend of a bicycle today. We have shared kodak moments and not-so-kodak moments…

Or maybe I’m freaking out because I have another shit ton (pardon my French) of work to do, on top of my Master’s thesis. If this MA course has taught me something though.. it’s the fact that a shit ton of work is most definitely doable. Just can get really unpleasant.

Or maybe I don’t know what to do with my future and the things I do know are scary (but exciting).

And it’s most definitely the cold (both outside and the cold I’ve just about recovered from) that doesn’t want to go away.

And sometimes days can just be a whole lotta fail. Today wasn’t one of those days, but there have been a fair few in the near past.

I am being a pensive kitty. Hopefully this will result in lots of valuable thoughts, future plans, original ideas and a general purpose & meaning of life. A girl can dream, right?

Ok, enough of this. Going to finish with food porn (virtual sharing is caring too, or just teasing.. either way, better than keeping this beauty all for myself)..


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