Een berg

I think I’ve got so used to having constantly stress about some heavy duty university assignments that it has become the natural state of existence – and of course now, when things are a bit more chill, I’m still going from that old inertia, thinking that I need to be doing something. I feel bad about having a bit more time? Feels like I definitely should be doing something. But really, it’s super nice. Only my MA thesis proposal to write for Friday and a presentation of our Digital Methods final project for the Digital Methods Winter School at UvA. The fact that our project was one of the ones picked for presenting, is quite flattering. Makes all this hard work worthwhile. Any positive feedback is of life’s importance right now. When stupidly hard work doesn’t pay off… that’s when you’re really doing something wrong in life. I have to admit the stress has been dragging me down to the extent that I really haven’t been convinced of the quality of my work for a while. This Digital Methods thing was necessary for bringing back a little faith. Hopefully the monster of an essay for New Media Theories works out fine too. Time will tell. If things don’t work out, I can always work as a waitress (hahah).

Blue and yellow crocus flowers are pushing their little colourful buds out of the ground alerady and birds are singing happier melodies. Could it really be that the spring is already making its way here? Hopefully this also means less ridiculous rain (which has been catching me off guard recently, as if on purpose starting to pour down the moment I set my foot outside) and more sunshine. I’m definitely not getting my daily fix of vitamin D right now. And in reality I got quite used to the white cloud living in London. It isn’t so bad.

On a general note, life is quite uneventful right now. I am looking forward to March because I’m going to Switzerland to snowboard with Neal, his parents, and brother. In the light of the Alpine trip I purchased super cute new snowboarding pants from O’Neill: black with black polka dots. I also managed to blag myself 60% discount, hell yes! Now the only mystery is the location of my goggles and helmet (Tallinn-London?). Anyway, something to look forward to! Flying out on my birthday and coming back on the 11th. Also, it’s pretty exciting because I’ve never been to Switzerland. Will see the city (briefly) where my beloved one was born (Basel, flying there) and also St.Moritz/Pontresina. Yay. Later in the spring I will go see my dearest Piret in Valencia.

Oh actually, there is something more newsworthy. I have found a new place to live. I’m moving in with my lovely Brazilians Juliana and Mario. This shall be interesting, and as I prophesised at the start of the school year, I am more likely to speak Portuguese than Dutch at the end of our studies. Now I am basically moving to Rio de Janeiro tsk tsk. I’m looking forward to that alot, because I love those two to bits and all the places I went to see where kind of weird and the people were pretty creepy. I got a sweet deal with second hand furniture from a student on the international student network and a course mate to help with the moving. It puts a massive content grin on my face when people are genuinely nice and helpful. Maybe all isn’t lost after all.. (:

I shall now indulge in the freedom (which feels pretty weird) and reward myself with a museum visit.

This morning when I woke up, a cloud looked like a mountain. Foreshadowing Switzerland? Or just the closest to a mountain I will get, at least in this country.


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