Notes from overground

This week concludes with the following thoughts:
* I love dancing and going out clubbing, but I think I’ve grown too old for that. Went to Melkweg on Friday night for Innovation in the Damn, but felt tired and out of place – way too old and way too sober. And got way too many clothes on. I lasted for about 3h, if not less. Cyantific and Bailey played amazing sets though, so that was fun. Still, not quite how it used to be.
* Sore throats that last for two weeks and don’t yield to any form of meds (that can be bought over the counter) are annoying. Also, all the more annoying because the Dutch don’t sell throat sprays here. Only with prescription.. Trachitol galore! Oh also – eating chilli is a pretty fucking bad idea. Tried and tested – hurts on the scale of salt in wounds etc.
* I really can’t wait for Christmas to come, though I know it’s not really going to be a proper break, because we have more assignments piling up.
* Sometimes people can be so utterly useless. It’s the least desirable trait a human can have – uselessness. But at the same time having useless people helps appreciate the awesome ones more. I’ve got some pretty awesome people around me too (one sign of having done at least something right in life)
* I need a hug. One per week would even do. And I hate the fact that I had to eat the beautiful omelette I made this morning on my own.
* There’s so many things that annoy me right now, but what annoys me more than the annoying things is the fact that I feel like I really really shouldn’t be complaining.

And then there’s always tea. And cute pictures.

Fog from a bit more than a week ago.


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