The last two weeks have been hell at uni and the remains of this semester will be too. One of the thoughts getting me through this is the relief, delivered by a truck, on Friday afternoon (only to make space for more obligations and worry the next day). I’ve found a coping mechanism: forcing myself to go to the gym at least every other day. Keeps me afloat.

This morning when I woke up, it felt like I was in an aquarium, filled with milk. It was that foggy! I couldn’t even see half way across the plein I live on. Or then I was looking into an aquarium. Bizarre.

Here are some photos I took when mum was over. I like Amsterdam in the autumn. Despite the fog that makes my bike seat wet (and therefore my bum, most of the time), it’s very beautiful, milky… covered in a layer of white velvet. I don’t have any more recent photos, but last night when I cycled back from town (after grabbing tea with a friend), the canals were so mysterious in the dark. Like something out of an early 20th century novel. Absolutely gorgeous. I cycled along Prinsengracht and then Singel – if it hadn’t been that cold, I would have probably gone exploring (I was also really hungry). Oh Amsterdam, you do amaze me. That’s all.


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