De boer zit in de bus

I think I’ve reached the point where the honeymoon period of being in Amsterdam is over. However, I’m not feeling that big a difference, let’s just say things are getting real. There’s no more sugar-coating or hoping that things will be as easy as with my undergraduate degree. They sure are a lot more interesting though, and that’s the most important part. I’m also starting to get an idea of what I want to do my thesis on, it’s vague and very broad at the moment, but right now is a good time to get the idea cooking, I hope.

We had about a week’s worth of glorious weather (which was pretty confusing too). Got to read in the park and wear summer clothes. But as per usual, when the sun comes out, everyone start’s moaning about the heat. Not as much here as in the UK though. I was just happy to welcome October with 25 degrees. The only problem with sunny weather is that when you want to go read in a park (study), then there’s about a million hippies all playing a million different types of music. And then there are non-hippies, who are all playing music too. I also don’t understand how people can get away with literally sleeping in the park during a working day? I mean, people who are way too old to be students.. So if you want peace and quiet, it’s better to go, for example, to Museumplein. I did that and it was pretty awesome. Also visited the modern art museum, but also that is getting major renovation, so there’s only a fraction of the whole collection there. Cool, nevertheless. And they have loads of art books on sale for a good price. And on a hot day, museums with air conditioning are super awesome.

I went to see the first polo match of my life a week ago or so. Kind of funny that I did that in the Netherlands, not in the UK… The match was held at Amsterdamse Bos and I think it was more about rich people showing up to show off than the actual men on horses, beating a ball with sticks. I’m still scared of horses, so I’m pretty proud of myself for putting up with a sport that’s quite horsey. The tent bit had really kitschy chandeliers, luxury brands and lots and lots of champagne. All in all, a very pretentious happening, but I’m happy I can cross seeing a polo match off my list of things to do. Also, I had no idea bringing dogs is almost a must when one goes to a polo match. What’s up with that? Puppy and pony show?

Did you know that moustaches are a hipster thing nowadays? Well, apparently they are. Nevertheless, I went to a moustache-themed party and if I wasn’t a woman, I would definitely be a moustache-wearing man. I’d curl and condition it, give it a name and use it for twirling while I think important thoughts. On a practical note to all you kids – waking up 7am and not having a disco nap results in grumpy tired moods around 3am and being at an ‘after hours club’ at the other end of Amsterdam isn’t a beautiful combo with that. I admit I can be a really whiny bitch in situations like that. It’s the age showing. (Still sober in the next photo, waiting for a tram, got blinded by the flash.)

I’ve just booked my flights to go to the UK for midterm break, so I’m very freshly angry. Sodding EasyJet charged me €16 to use Mastercard. You can get away from paying the ridiculous fees if you pay with Visa Electron, but who on earth has those cards with online paying options? Well I don’t. And my other debit cards are Visa & Mastercard Debit too, still I’ll get the charge. Grr. Thought there were talks of banning airlines from adding ridiculous credit card fees, or is this just wishful thinking? Swear I remember something like that from media… Ah! Found it, here. Sneaky bastards.

Completely offtopic: you know people aren’t very hopeful about long-distance relationships in general. I think they’re right about the difficulty, but I think it’s manageable. You know it hurts a lot to be constantly missing someone? And then the distance and different life rhythms make it quite difficult to communicate… To make that communication matter, you really have to make an effort. Have you noticed how ambivalent online interaction is? How easy it is to misinterpret the other person? There’s always the issue of physical closeness too, but that can be overcome. People who have non-long-distance relationships should really relish how easy it is when the other person is right there. I’m all for technology and forward-thinking, but the main tool for keeping a long-distance relationship alive can also be the main shit stirrer. Skype video calls are probably the least problematic ones, but still.. it seems like something is constantly getting lost in translation. But – I think the sceptics are just weak and give in too easily. The most important thing is to remember that you love the person and cut the other one a bit of slack. It’s not easy and I openly admit that I really really hate having to do with phone calls and instant messaging. (Says the New Media master student…)

But hey – isn’t life about challenges anyway? At least I’m not a quitter and people who’re saying that long-distance doesn’t work can suck it. Life wasn’t made to be easy. You just have to play your cards right – it’s part of the fun.


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