Van Gogh museum

Van Gogh museum – done.

If I could give you any advice on visiting that museum, don’t pick a cold and rainy day, because it’ll be full of tourists. But I do also understand that this is a ridiculous thing to say, because as we all know, the weather in Amsterdam really is phenomenally bad. So, braving the 14 centigrades, one Brazilian group member and I decided to do the van Gogh museum as our university things were done very early. I was expecting an old cosy Amsterdam-style building, but it was the opposite. Very modern, very flash, and very big. Bigger than I expected too. Despite fighting hordes of Asian tourists, it was really interesting and I admit, I didn’t really know much about van Gogh to make a statement. What I found exceptionally cool was their.. I don’t even know how to call it.. but sort of more modern parts of the museum, where they showed x-rays of the works and explained paintings on top of paintings and a bit about the preservation and conservation of those works. Exciting stuff. I didn’t know you can look into layers of a painting with infra red and x-rays.

The museum shop was a whole different level as well. Standardly, there were mugs and scarves and posters and, well, anything you can print something on, with Vincent’s works, but what I found the coolest and tackiest at the same time were the bicycles with van Gogh painting designs (the almond blossom and sunflower ones, I think). Oh, and they had rubber key chains, that were shaped like an ear, they called them ‘earrings’ of course.

Despite Vincent being a bit of a broken and melancholic person (especially towards the end – he did shoot himself in the chest after all), he sure did know how to draw and paint.

✖museum count: 2

Meanwhile in Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves got re-elected as the President. Well done Mr Lynx. (ilves – lynx in Estonian)


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