So I got home

I arrived in Amsterdam on Sunday. It’s all been full of shit weather, awesome people, the most beautiful city and overwhelming joy from feeling a completely new belonging. I felt at home the first night I got here and it’s been getting better. I cannot put into words how right this feels and regardless of the outcome, this is exactly where I need to be right now.

I cycled for the first time today. It was silly amazing and so much easier than I feared. Cycling has been made so logical and simple in this lovely city that the simple act of getting from A to B becomes a picturesque journey through the cutest canals and bridges and those Amsterdam houses. I’m over the moon and tomorrow is the end of my ‘International Masters Introduction’ programme, where I’ve met a bunch of super awesome people (some are definite keepers), so I’ll give a detailed overview of the first week soon.

I’m tired as hell right now, but so happy. I belong. I love Amsterdam and even the Dutch language doesn’t sound so ugly any more.

My first morning view in Amsterdam. My little plein.

The Amsterdam I captured a year ago.

On the road.

New friends (both furry and not) everywhere. This photo is taken last August though.

Lots of love to you all for now.


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