The last calling(s) of London

I told a dear friend of mine, who’s actually moving back to Australia on the same day I’m heading off to Estonia myself that I need to leave London to be able to fall in love with it again. I haven’t felt the same exhilarating excitement about the city for a bit now. I don’t know whether it’s actually London’s fault – well, most probably not. I suppose it’s a combination of me feeling that my time here is over and the eagerness and fear that draw me to the new adventures life has in store. Could it really be as non-poetic of a reason for my uneasiness as just being restless? Three years, for some people, is well done. I didn’t even stay put in Finland for this long. No, to be honest – I really don’t know what went wrong, but I both can’t wait to get out of here and it’s also tearing my heart out. London is home, after all. A home in its own right. I grew up here. A home for the adult me.

I’m afraid I’ll be bored in Estonia after the first excitement has worn off. Luckily I have enough books I need and want to read for that threat to be pulled down to the bare minimum. At all fairness, I don’t actually have *that* long before I need to take off to Amsterdam either. I’ve been looking for a place there for over a month now. It’s crazy how quick the housing market is there! Realistically, the flats and rooms available from mid-August will only start appearing from the second half of July. And obviously, that’s a time the housing market will go boiling over. We shall see. Hoping I can grab my very own little place. For less money than what I’ve been paying in London, I could easily get a centrally located studio apartment. Yes, London, you’re stupidly expensive and that’s unforgivable.

This is kind of stating the obvious now, but you know what… Borough Market is pretty damn amazing. I’m gutted I’ve only properly explored it now, but better late than never. Yes, I’ve known of the existence and even been there, but never really-really. There’s also a coffee shop that does possibly the best coffee in the whole L-town. If not the best, then very first (in my books) that doesn’t serve bath foam instead of frothed milk. That, I find, is an achievement already.

I went to a nice little meal with Angela and Joe, two of my three super-trooper-amazing house mates. Went to this tiny Thai place outside Willesden Green station – noms. I’ll be very sad leaving those three behind. If it wasn’t for this house and those three, I definitely would have had a hard time making through the last university year. I owe them a large chunk of my sanity. I’m so grateful for having stumbled upon three complete strangers that turned out to be the best people I’ve lived with and if it wasn’t for them and this house, I would have left London much sooner and in a much bigger rush.

I’ll also be missing Reprise and the lot there. Also they managed to grow on me. I hope I can keep the good contact and we can be useful for each other in the future. Definitely worth having a dance or two when I’m London-bound. If only I could have got a paid job there. Oh well :). Life.

The most difficult part, without a doubt, is going without my sweetheart. I don’t even know what to say or think about that. It’s going to be tough.

Oh yes, one more thing. I now officially have a Upper Secondary Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Journalism. Fancy-pantsy.


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