New York, I love you

I watched ‘New York I love you’ – the film. It was sweet, a bit sad, but still sweet. I enjoyed myself throughout the film. But when it ended, I was very sad. Not because the film ended, but because it did something to some parts of my brain that I didn’t quite realise while watching. With films where there isn’t actually so much going on, the slow-paced pensive ones, they often shake me up, sometimes triggering a completely irrelevant emotion. I probably should have felt (or the film seemed like it should have left me feeling) warmth. But somehow the melancholy echoed through the positivity of it and now I don’t know any more. It was very lostintranslationesque..

Writing something as vague and nondescript as this here doesn’t really serve any other purpose but a thinking board for me. It’s a time of great changes and I’m cold. The anticipation and uncertainty are both charming and distressing. There’s the constant anxiety of thinking that I’ve missed a boat. Which boat, I don’t know. I suppose I’m taking a blind leap in the guessing anyway.

I’m working on my own processing of things to come. I’m working on my own peace of mind no matter what. I’m working on it, but sometimes I don’t know if it really is working.. Days like today make me think way too much and it drags me somewhere else. But luckily tonight, I’ve put on some Gil Scott Heron (RIP) and tonight I’m here. I’ll listen to the voice of this talented musician who passed away. We should all feel privileged to have access to such talent like his and appreciate it. Same reflects to our own lives. There’s a general, looming sense of lack of appreciation in the world. Lack of appreciation is destructive.

I’ve gone off with this vague rant about something and nothing at the same time. I should probably put on a comedy to kittyfix the pensive state of mine.


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