Mother’s Day vol 1

Mother’s Day in Estonia is on 9th May. Well, this just means my mum (the best one in the world), is going to get two Mother’s Days! Since she had no idea that it’s Mother’s Day in UK, I blagged a bit and just used the perks of social media and ‘drew’ her a nice little card. Probably going to send her something a bit more substantial on the Mother’s Day in Estonia.

So here’s the beautiful (electronic) card I made her. It says ‘Big Bear-Hug’ (:

I was going to dress up in something stupid and hold up a sign saying Happy Mother’s Day or something, but in the lack of an accomplice, achieving that would have proved a bit difficult. Actually, I do live with three other people, of whom two have good cameras and one of the people with good cameras was in and the third one can take photos. OK, not a good enough excuse. I just didn’t do it this time. Plenty of Mother’s Days left and I’m sure I’ll come up with other cool stuff.


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