Internet’s bitch

It always happens when you have a dodgy time waking up, but only if you live an hour commute away from where you spend your working days. It also happens when you have very very important stuff to do and a busy week ahead in general. It also happens when you’re suffering from mondaze.

Today, our broadband was down at the office. It’s happened a couple of times more within not such a long period of time. Ultra annoying on so many levels, because forward-thinking companies host almost all of their stuff online. This obviously slows the whole system down a fair bit and everyone’s a sad kitty.

What is more intriguing is how much we actually depend on things computerised-internetised today. I remember that framed paper envelope and pencil on one the wall of one of the newsrooms (full of fancy iMacs) and it says “break in case of emergency” or something along those lines there. How would you go about running a music agency without the electronic means of communication? I’m all for digitalisation, but I have to admit those short circuits in our network society make me want to curl up in a ball with a nice fat book. And just yesterday I was thinking that I’d love an Amazon Kindle. The moment I softened – … slap!

On a less existential level, it seems that BT is doing some dodgy business with out broadband. They blame the wireless router company who are mugs anyway and BT claims “everything should work” but in reality it doesn’t. Last time it happened, threats of legal action magically brought back the interent connection. Not working technology is frustrating an unhelpful – especially when it should work.

On a health note: my throat is so sore. And today I am infused in chlorine. (If anyone’s got good tips on  how not to stink like an Olympic-size pool after a healthy splashy-splashy, then I am so open to suggestions. And anyone who’s planning on saying “wash yourself after” can go make themselves a cup of tea instead.)


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