I don’t know what’s up with me not liking going out on Saturdays any more. It just feels like a bigger waste of time, somehow, if you don’t do anything remotely useful on a Sunday. I like the recoveries to be on Saturdays, because then you have a whole day of doing everything before the next week starts. Who agrees?

Anyhow, went to Shogun Audio at Cable nightclub on Sat evening. The first half of the night was turned ugly because of the very poorly organised queueing system. Being on guest list and having to wait for more than half an hour – the queue was moving so much slower than the ticket queue… (While being squished by metal barriers because the g-list “path” is really narrow and the people who want to buy tickets are just pressing on…) Also, there was an error somewhere along the way with my free guest, which was annoying, because Neal had to pay to get in. Came as an unpleasant surprise, that one. So, all of that did its fair job in making me angry. Plus, when we got in, the bloody cash machines weren’t working inside! Argh.

A few Jäger-bombs later I was a bit happier. Just the slightest. Luckily the night got better and the goodness of the music prevailed. Really enjoyed Rockwell’s alternative set in room 2 (was having a dance-off to some funky hiphop stuff). Alix Perez played a standardly good set, absolutely fell in love with one tune he played and rewound, don’t know what it is.. the MC said something about Rockewell, so it could be a collaboration. It was beautifully soulful deep liquid, female vocals, part of the lyrics being “you give me something”. Danced to it with eyes closed and the world became a better place.

It was lovely seeing a lot of familiar faces, but we called it a relatively early night with Kiisu, and that was a good idea. Got a nice long sleep and no painful aftermath of going out. Our journey back was spiced up by the Irish: smelly man at London Bridge (I personally couldn’t understand a word of what he said, but Neal did.. I suppose it’s in his blood?) and then an Irish shop on the way back from the bus garage (we wanted to buy some bacon, but they didn’t sell it at a Muslim shop and in the Irish one they had a really really big half a pig’s leg type a piece of bacon) went in there.. and I quote Neal: “They looked at me like I’d just raped their mothers when we walked in”… 😀

Watching the Simpsons on a Sunday is almost an obligation, as well as eating and huggling-snuggling as much as possible. I got my huggle batteries recharged, which is great – should give me enough warmth and love to last through the week. It really is amazing how much better life is when he’s around. Everything just makes sense. I make sense.

Yes, yes.. all this mush. But you know what, I don’t care that you might want to puke right now. I’m sharing this because I really hope that everyone in the world could feel the way I do. Loving somebody validates your life. Who are we without love? We need our missing pieces of the puzzle to make the picture.

I also love my bed a lot. Over and out, I’ll go show my dear bed some appreciation now, with my George William, Paula and Frank crew. (That’s them, in the photo below, at the last place where I lived in North Wembley)


4 thoughts on “Week-ender

  1. hahaa you’re so kiisu! and funky how you can write so accurately about my weekend although you weren’t here! (small differences: no “going out” and “dancing” (we went to someone’s home where people shook their heads to rock’n’roll), no bacon, no irish/muslim people who think we raped their mothers)

    puss ❤

  2. hey ave, I’ve heard the “you give me something” rmx aswell – and fell in love with it right away 🙂
    now I try to find out what it is (your blog is the only thing I found about it)… maybe I’ll try DOA -> but the lyrics are definitely by james morrison.

    you can listen to the track here if you like (a friend recorded it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbyjM3uqTug


    1. Hey there. Nice, so I wasn’t just imagining and maybe remembering things. Glad to hear. Well, I’ve kind of given up the search myself. But if you’re lucky, hit me back! 🙂
      Also, since you seem to like your drum and bass… a bit of shameless self-promotion here: check out my music blog http://mjuuziq.wordpress.com 🙂

      Nice one for the video. Now there’s at least something to refer to when looking for it, if I do decide to continue the search.. 🙂


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