Funny how words can have such a different meaning. Sick can mean cool. Sick can mean puke, it can mean ill and it can mean disgusting. Probably a few more things I’m not familiar with (or my coolness level just doesn’t reach).

I was knocked down by a cold + very achy ear, as I already mentioned in my yesterday’s blog post of moaning. I don’t feel that much better, if I’m completely honest, but I have done all I can today (lemons, ginger, honey, tea, meds, sleep etc), so let’s hope it’ll work eventually.

I did manage to watch a film, hoped to put on something nice and easy, something that would make me laugh, but the choice of film was the biggest disaster ever. I went for ‘Couples Retreat’ and it was the shittiest film I have ever seen. Ever. It was lame, made me cringe, acting was poor, plot wasn’t anything either. Such a waste of time, can’t believe I hoped it would get better and watched the whole thing. Or perhaps I was distracted by feeling shit and just didn’t register how bad the film was at the time. Anyway, don’t watch ‘Couples Retreat’. It’s shit.

On another note, people who take other people for granted and think that if someone has worked towards something and achieved some advantages, the advantages also apply to them.

There is a limit with me being nice towards people. At one point the generous Ave who never says no to her friends will tell you to fuck right off. I’m sorry, but you just can’t rinse friendships like this. Even I will eventually say no.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and can go back to work. Sulking + feeling crap at home doesn’t create the nicest state of mind. And people around you just bluntly using you (the sad part is that most of the time they mean well).


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