Xmas present score/Festive blog post #2

I managed to Not overeat this time. Had so many nice things on the table it was hard. A nice surprise was the Christmas cider by Puls (Estonian brewery). So tasty – spiced apple cider. Yum-yum. My favourite part of the dinner must have been the porcini mushroom sauce, with mushrooms hand picked by daddy from the forests near our summer house in Saaremaa. Those mushrooms in big chunks are so nice and slimy and soft =D. Ahmaaazing! Mashed potatoes, lanttu laatikko (a very special authentic Finnish Christmas food – turnip casserole), pork roast, black pudding, lingonberry and apple salad, sauerkraut and halloumi cheese. I also brought some weird British things from London for the whole family, so we enjoyed all of the above mentioned with tomato and garlic relish and old English ale pickle thingie. Fookin great with the meat, the last one, by the way.

Anyway, as per usual, everyone got loads of presents. Santa was quite generous this year. Even the cat got two things!
Here’s my own personal score for this year: Dior Midnight Poison EDP (it’s my favourite scent), a nice mascara and eye make up remover (very practical, needed both!), a pair of trousers (they’re slightly boyish, very comfy, look cool), a check flannel dress (really cool as well, with a longer neck), The Body Shop’s gift set with all small things necessary, smells of cherries (yum), a book about London (Anu Samarüütel-Long, an Estonian fashion designer wrote it, ‘My London‘), a pair of wrist warmers, so nice and soft, a pair of custom made woolly mittens, lovely and warm. My dearest brother also got my laptop keyboard fixed (a jar of honey dropped from the shelf, onto the keyboard and broke three keys..) and my baby camera (quite a common malfunction for DSLRs, a screw was loose inside the lens and got stuck) as well. Oh, and add a really cool old-school style calendar with pictures of fish =D. Ultra cool. Totally going to put all those pictures up on my wall later.

Played board games with Uku and Päivi, watched obligatory Christmas TV stuff and now I think I’d be more than happy to go to bed. I won’t though, not just yet. I’ll read a bit more of ‘My London’.

Our ‘Christmas stars’. They’re weed in Australia, but us, Europeans like them at Christmas. Ours are white this year, but I tweaked the colours a little for a more festive feel.



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