My brother’s birthday

Hello world.

It’s Estonia-time again. I didn’t spend last Christmas at home, but this year I felt it was an absolute necessity. I couldn’t wait to come into this extremely snowy and gorgeous and freezing home country of mine.

Things have been on the shit side, but the good that comes out of it is perhaps the actual fresh start next year? I’m moving to London (NW2 baby!) and it should be good. I should also graduate from university and find a job, and.. Oh dear. I’ll worry later.

Christmas for our family is extra special, because it’s my big brother Uku’s birthday on the 24th. Even more reasons to celebrate. This year I feel the warmth I so lacked. I love the crisp cold outside. I love the too much snow and even my hyperactive cat (who can’t go play outside, there’s just too much snow) isn’t annoying. And the fish are cute. You know, all loved up and festive. But in the non-commercial “I just want to chill with my people” way.

Loved the sausages and potato salad and birthday cake breakfast this morning. It’s a must in Estonia on birthdays. That’s the only reason you actually went to birthday parties as a kid viinerid and kartulisalat. Legendary party foods. Our Christmas dinner isn’t going to be that traditional this year. I mean, it will be, but in a different way. We’re doing an Estonia-Finland fusion Christmas dinner. Should be interesting, lots and lots of good food.

Oh my days! How idyllic is that – it just started snowing gently. Lee Collins should be proud of the level of festivity in my mood! Ok, it’s not gentle any more, turning into something more like a snowstorm now, but hey! It’s Christmas and soon there will be fire in the fireplace and warmth filling the whole of the house.

I decided to put up this dog photo because I don’t think I could ever make my cat wear a Christmas hat. The attempt would probably end with severing a limb or two. Also, I really miss my dog. He loved Christmas (and the leftover food)! Today I also miss my grandma and grandpa. I like to think that if there is afterlife of any sort, then Christmas is the time they are with us in spirit again. All of our lost loved ones. I’ll have a candle on the window for them today.

Another lovely episode was the two days I spent in Helsinki. Saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen for about three years, the Espoo IB crew and Juulia. It was warm, nostalgic and fun with such good people. My dearest people make me feel so complete. I love my people.

Oh, you know I burnt my wrist with hot steam coming from the kettle. Got a very nasty second degree burn, about 3x4cm! At first it looked ok, but then it got blisters, then the blisters broke and now I have one hell of a disgusting-looking hole in my wrist. And one would think wounds get better with time… This one only makes my whole arm ache! Eww. Burn wounds are not the one.

My awesome brother also got my (laptop keyboard and) camera lens fixed! I can take photos again! YAY for that. Yay for holidays, yay for telling the bad stuff in life to fuck off for the holidays, taking a rest from it and then acing life again.

Peace and love.



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