The daily grind

by Ave

As my previous blog post was full of poison, misery and other bad things, I’ve decided I’m going to try to mellow it out by writing the most Joe Bloggs blog post I can come up with.

I’m sitting in university canteen. Kane, Lee and Murray came here as well. Murray is ill, I hope I didn’t give him my bug. Kane says he’s being funny because he’s ill. Collins is eating a salad with loads of mayonnaise, saying he’s “being healthy”. Good luck with that. On another note I had to pick out wax from Kane’s hair and Murray reeks Olbas from two meters away.

When life is on the shit side, it’s always good to sit with the journalism boys. They provide endless amounts of entertainment.

Kane’s hair sits better when he doesn’t wash it. And he rants about fish. Now Murray rants about Kane’s rant. Collins just doesn’t really understand anything any more.

I’m happy Murray found out I’m Estonian now. “Somewhere in Europe somewhere”

Now it’s turned into a knitting club and that’s how we roll.

Lovely boys I go to uni with. Lovely. Absolutely delightful. 🙂