My time in frozen moments

Busy person as I am, I take the liberty to explain what I’ve been up to in a very deep and meaningful way. Make what you want of it, a picture is worth 1000 words and all that crap.
I would be friendlier, but my brain hurts due to the realisation of being slightly screwed for the next month in a row. Slightly, if I’m lucky. And my brain has also been replaced by snot and that snot seems to be tense. And the monotonous bass rhythm drives me up the walls. It’s just on 80% of the time I’m conscious and present and doing work. It’s this constant thump-thump-thump behind the wall, the constant tuberculosis type of cough, the occasional monotonous bass, the occasional sex noise.
I hate the acoustics in this house. My room works as a sort of amplifier, it seems. I could kill for a place where I can be myself and wouldn’t be accused with stuff such as ‘nothing is ever good enough for you, you always complain’ and ‘everything has to be your way’ and ‘you never put yourself in someone else’s shoes’ and other stuff.

I’m probably the shittiest person you can ever possibly choose to live with. I suck at time management, however I work incredibly well under stress and perform better than ever. I clean and I do it after other people without ever saying anything about it. I like taking care of things for people, not expecting anything in return. I only listen to loud music in my car (going from point A to point B). I’m too dedicated to make these three years in London worthwhile to have a social life (apart from Neal). I like being in my room and being quiet.

I’m accused of being selfish. Because on top of all that I don’t like being woken up 3am mid-week when without a warning an improvised house party/mash-up has kicked off literally underneath me. Not that my plea for quiet has ever worked, but.. Oh well. I suppose I am horribly antisocial and harass other people’s unplanned social events.

Don’t ever live with me. You can try dating me. But then you have to shout at me for no reason.

I’m horribly homesick and my feet are constantly cold. I’m waiting for my brains to come back and replace the snot in my head. I really fucking hope this month goes fast.

ANYWAY. Stuffs.

Linn came over. We went to Starbucks. A lot. It brought true Christmas feeling.

Camden was busy and crisp. Lovely as per usual. That is, if you can squeeze yourself through the hordes of Spanish tourists.


Post-Halloween flex.

Had Guinness and blackcurrant in The Albany. Went there 4 times during a week. They’d ran out of Guinness at least twice of those four times. Had Früli instead. With lemon.

Went to a park at Highgate village with Linn. It was pretty in autumn colours.

Without stating the obvious – trees.

Ultra cool recycling bunnies at the Design Museum. Recycling rocks.

London was somewhat pretty, but so damn cold. Linn and I did more stuff than that and Linn alone did a lot more stuff than that, but after that day in London I came down with a horrid cold. I’m still suffering from it.

And as per usual, there has been a bit of Kiisu. He’s in Brighton. Not good.

And my life has also been fairly Shogun-centred. Interviewed Nick from Protoypes, Rockwell, Icicle. Such cool people. Well safe.

I’ll go and struggle through this month I’ve got left now. I’m so horribly homesick.


2 thoughts on “My time in frozen moments

  1. I only remember three times and the one last time when they ran out of Guinness. You’re doing the occasional “round up the numbers to even ones”? 😀

    But pictures are awesome. I’d like to see the other ones too, maybe sometime when you’re looking for a good excuse to procrastinate school stuff you can send me those? 😀

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