You sunshine fool

It’s been a week of crispy sunny mornings. I don’t know why I haven’t realised that sunshine doesn’t mean warm, and I’m pathologically not wearing warm enough clothes as during the day the temperature is only about 10°C. Anyway. It’s lovely – I truly like this kind of autumn. The squirrels are looking fatter because of their thicker coats and this season of transition is surprisingly beautiful this year.

Since I feel like a little old lady this morning, I will talk about my health after having talked about the weather.

My wisdom tooth is killing me for already about 5 days or so. It kind of comes and goes and annoys the hell out of me. All my wisdom teeth are actually out, but the bottom left one decided that there’s a bit too much gum, so it’s going to make it flap around. So, that flappy bit of gum on my tooth is making the whole left side of my face ache. So inconvenient.

Now the reason I’m making such a big deal out of it is that I’m scared of dentists. Which means, I’ll have to man up about it. Boohoo.

On another note, had a lovely weekend with the man. He got me a very very tall Pulp Fiction poster for my room – works perfectly, and did you know it only cost 10 cents to go see the film when it came out?! Bargain, I would say.

I’ve got Emmi crashing here this week with a mate of hers, they’ve been travelling around Europe for a couple of weeks already. Looking forward to that.

On other aspects of life it’ll be all work an no play for a bit.


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