Massive drawing attack

by Ave

It’s been a serious while and a half since I properly felt the urge to draw. I’ve been drained from ideas and I don’t think I even know why. I’ve been doing a lot of sorting (out) recently. I’ve sorted out my music, sorted out my web browser, sorted out my room (moved in, you know) etc. Tonight I was listening to my lovely music on shuffle and Massive Attack came on. After goosebumps something in my head flipped and I felt like drawing something was the most important thing to do tonight. I HAD TO. So, I grabbed an A3 paper, my pencils and sat on the floor, really feeling like something is coming out of the tip of the pencil for a change. I was sorting out my brain. It felt something similar to when you’ve had to pee for a very long time and then you finally find a toilet. Such a relief, pure joy.

My brain finally decided it was time to breathe out.

Gosh, I love it when music triggers things like that in me.

Brain sneeze?