Massive drawing attack

It’s been a serious while and a half since I properly felt the urge to draw. I’ve been drained from ideas and I don’t think I even know why. I’ve been doing a lot of sorting (out) recently. I’ve sorted out my music, sorted out my web browser, sorted out my room (moved in, you know) etc. Tonight I was listening to my lovely music on shuffle and Massive Attack came on. After goosebumps something in my head flipped and I felt like drawing something was the most important thing to do tonight. I HAD TO. So, I grabbed an A3 paper, my pencils and sat on the floor, really feeling like something is coming out of the tip of the pencil for a change. I was sorting out my brain. It felt something similar to when you’ve had to pee for a very long time and then you finally find a toilet. Such a relief, pure joy.

My brain finally decided it was time to breathe out.

Gosh, I love it when music triggers things like that in me.

Brain sneeze?



7 thoughts on “Massive drawing attack

    1. Pointless comment is (sometimes) better than no comment. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one feeling ridiculously relieved at the prospect of scratching paper with wooden sticks in the hope for some calm in the old brain.

      Enjoy (:

      ps. It kind of also makes me happy to see that people are actually reading my blog

      1. Aye, although i started scratching with a biro first (it helps me not care about ‘mistakes’). And I couldn’t help just drawing loads of vertical charcoal lines everywhere.
        I always try to pretend (and hope) no one reads mine it helps me justify writing a pile of crap.

        Really like these photos, reminds me of some illustator’s work that I can’t remember the name of.

        It has calmed my brain but desroyed my knees.

    1. Haha, thanks! I’m actually embarrassed to admit I haven’t seen Inception (yet). I’m eagerly waiting for it to hit rentals! I shall say then 😀

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