Making something out of nothing (and vice versa)

It’s a great paradox of life. I think I first heard something in that category from mum or dad… going something like ‘you can’t make bread out of s**t’.

I’ve made something out of a lot of nothing today. In a very simple way. I made leftover pasta. Of course, in this case nothing is a relative term (which I suppose applies in other cases as well)

How to make good leftover pasta:
*have some dry pasta at home (never goes off, sits like a loyal friend, happy to help at times of hunger)
*have stuff in the fridge that on its own wouldn’t make much of a meal any more
*mix it all together
*grate some cheese on top
*when using out of date things, add a bit more cayenne pepper
I happened to have a tiny bit of Philadelphia cheese (use by date was tomorrow) and a couple of tomatoes. Onion and garlic are life’s essentials and make any food taste like heaven and half. I bet they could both even be used in desserts (I may challenge myself to try).

So that’s one way of making something out of a relative nothing. When you’re a student, you’ll learn to improvise so much more. And also your digestive system will have to suffer from the lab rat status, but hey, it’s all in the name of greater good we call education. Speaking of which, should have a look at what they’ve done to this country’s budget today. Big spending cuts announcement stuff.  Aahaa.. here we go (from the BBC News article):

In other measures, rail fares will be allowed to increase by 3% above RPI inflation from 2012, higher education spending will be cut by 40%, flood defences by 15% and sport England and UK Sport cut by 30%.

The key points are nicely illustrated here, should anyone care. I like how BBC News make things very easy to grasp, even to those people whose brains have shut down by the end of the day (or are still half asleep at the start of it). As they say in Estonia “carved of wood and painted red”.

On other notes of nothingness and somethingness. There have been a couple of fights going on in the house, mostly out of miscommunication and misinterpretation. It seems that the priorities of myself and one of my house mates differ so greatly it’s lead to some friction. One says one thing, the other another, splits the hair about what the first one said and twists it around to fit what pleases their understanding (i.e. counter-argument to me). It’s a stupid puny thing, it would seem, but if things don’t find a nice solution, I’m not going to be able to pull off my academic goal for this year.

All I want is to be treated fairly and with respect. And I will do the same to them .  That shouldn’t be too much to ask? Eye for an eye wouldn’t take us anywhere better in this situation. I just hope once we talk about stuff, it’ll be beyond the point of accusations and hair-splitting, because right now it’s just juvenile, immature and ridiculous. Disrespectful (towards me mostly, because I’m the one who’s spoken up).

Rant rant rant. I am upset, annoyed (and hurt) though. Being ridiculed isn’t nice on the old ego, I’m trying very hard to pull back and go passive on this whole problem. The puffy eyes and sleeplessness beg to differ.

On the weather note, it was a nice crispy sunny autumn day today and I wish I could have taken it in without being on the verge of crying. I’ll give it two weeks, not say anything.. and if things don’t sort themselves out, I’ll find another place to live. I’m sorry, but I’ve got goals to reach in life. I’m not going to throw it all away and swap with staying up until 6 in the morning.

I hope my old friend karma comes to help me out.

If I’m ranting already, I should also mention that one other thing that annoys the hell out of me in this house is how a lot of the stuff I’ve brought here has already been broken or turned into almost unusable. What is it with people who use someone else’s things and effectively destroy them?
Current losses: my favourite black mug with white polka dots (I’ve only got one mug now), one of my two psychedelic frog glasses, one of the four wine glasses I bought (and the three other ones are always hiding somewhere, it seems), a burnt frying pan and almost burned wok pan (that did get cleaned eventually however). What’s ironic is that the things I brought here have survived me moving three times and all this time in university in London, and bringing them into this house .. with less than a month so much stuff has broken. It’s fair to assume the losses list is ‘and counting..’.
Of course in a way they’re just things and who cares and what not, and no I’m not too fussed about it, but it just shows a bigger mindset: “someone else’s stuff – not my problem”. And it seems to apply to the previously explained situation as well. “Ave can’t sleep – not my problem”
That’s not cool.

I’ve lost my point because I started ranting. But I’ll say this: if you want to make something out of nothing, have a damn good reason, because making nothing out of something in most cases is disrespectful (towards life).
Have some substance to your arguments.

What goes around, comes around. And respect has always been a two-way affair.

But let’s finish on a happier note.

Pretty Chinese bird.


One thought on “Making something out of nothing (and vice versa)

  1. wow. I never realized how stupid and so not to the point some really clever expressions in Estonian can actually sound.
    you can’t make bread out of s**t
    carved of wood and painted red

    … You really have to be native to get the sayings. In Greek, most of the sayings sound really stupid when translated. For example, Αν δεν παινέσεις το σπίτι σου, θα πέσει να σε πλακώσει: If you do not praise your own home, it will fall on you and squash you. When translated, it’s really clumsy, just like the Estonian ones in English.

    Oh, how I love direct translations. They always make me laugh =P.
    But you hold on! I think, giving it a few weeks is a smart call. There is no point letting yourself suffer, whatever the reasons or whose fault. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t.

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