AM chronicles

It’s this rather bizarre state of being I find myself from in the earlier hours of the day. It’s almost an automated reality, everything runs on cruise control. I love my rituals because they give me an extra hour or so to let my brain sleep. This is how it normally goes:
1/ alarm goes off (Miles Davies – Blue in Green is such a pleasant piece of music to wake up to, so I have to snooze it to listen to it again). Actually open eyes 5min later
2/ stretch in bed, postpone getting up
3/15 min of morning yoga
4/ stumble downstairs, put kettle on, make porridge, make tea
5/ take all the foods and drinks up to my room, spill tea on the stairs
6/ go on BBC News, Guardian, Independent (+ Facebook, Twitter, emails)
7/ gobble food down after realising you’ve got 10min to get ready before leaving — that’s around when I become fully conscious
8/ brush teef, storm out, walk to uni (20min of nice green walk)

But this morning somewhere between point 7 and 8 I decided to check my diary. And I realised I need to be in an hour later. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what to do. I decided to repeat points 6 and 7, but 7 in the form of coffee. It’s a bit of a pet hate, waking up too early, but I do like it. Got to read about colourful sheep in London.

What I’m trying to say is that yes, I did feel confused, because my little AM cycle got disrupted, but I suppose it illustrates the nice broader concept of stepping out of your ordinary ways and comfort zones, doing something different and despite the normal actions being more efficient etc it’s quite refreshing. Doing something differently. Even by accident.

Have a good day, peoplez.♥


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