The Golden Arches

Had McDonald’s craving for days. Today, Kiisu and I gave in to the craving. While we were contemplating whether to go and on the way back obviously Had To pull in… Kiisu said: “The Golden Arches, they’re so forgiving.” Which made me think that they’re rather unforgiving. A MaccyD’s craving is something you just cannot bypass (no pun intended). And if you do, it comes back. Bigger, fatter, and you’ll end up ordering twice as much.

Thank fuck for good burgers, though. Even if they’re full of addictive additives. We’re all slaves to something anyway.

Now how on earth is Drive In going to work in the UK for us? Allow having to get out of the car..

Some Swiss coupons for MaccyDs.

No matter how good (/bad) the food, the clown will always creep the hell out of me. Clowns are totally not on.


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