When someone else’s pain is hurting

I was woken up in the middle of the night by Neal shivering next to me. His fever was on the rise again and all I could do is give him more paracetamol and hug him as long as he calmed down and fell asleep.

I suppose truly caring about someone shows exactly then. I hate the world 8 times more than normally and I would do anything to make him feel better. Even if all he does is mutter something grumpy and turn his back at me. And sweat.

I blame all this heat. It’s been abnormally warm for abnormally long. We’re going back to England pretty soon, hope it’s a bit cooler there. Until then life at the basement continues.

Fuck, where did this summer go? Tho, admittedly it’s been horrid nice to spend time with Kiisu and just not give a fuck about anything else. Because nothing else really compares in importance anyway.

küpsis – cookie in Estonian
küpsised – cookies
küpsid – Neal’s plural of küpsis, said with a very cute voice

Our trip around Estonia was good. The heat did both of our heads in (by not getting a very nice sleep at night and then boiling in the car and such), but oh my god, Estonia is beautiful! I love my country even more. I flatter myself by thinking that Neal enjoyed it too, but he was probably busy feeling pretty damn shit while we were touristing around.

Kudos to Elina for having us. It’s always nice to be around people who are nice. And that’s what she is. I like her.

The ‘what’ face.

Pretty Elts with a pretty butterfly.

Just cool. Right next to the entrance of Tartu Botanical Garden.

Gold digger.

Mellow hello jello.

A very deep friend photo.

New best friend.

This pretty much sums up exactly how I’m feeling in general.

La vie, c’est vraiment bonne si tu le joues bien.

And since the first thing Kiisu said when he opened his confused eyes was “I’m really fiending for pelmeenid,” I’m gonna go provide some pelmeenid.


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