Sunshine update

School’s out for a bit already. I’ve been doing work experience at Backdrop Promotions which has been good way beyond expectations. It feels like I’ve finally started putting effort into what I truly am interested in and good at. May also start writing reviews for DMC and ATM. Is good! The sun’s been out in London a fair amount recently, so the lack of money is the only thing I could actually complain about.

Ahh, exciting!

Going to Estonia at the end of next week with Neal. My brother is driving to UK first and then we’re heading vack all together. Roadtrip, yeah! First I have to move out of my flat here though. My flatmates are ultra pissy with my change of plans. You see, I was planning on staying there until I graduate, but I want to hang out in Estonia and Finland in the summer… So there’s no point in paying empty rent. I’ve been in refuge at Neal’s place for a few days. Why go poison the souls where I’m clearly not welcome any more?

Cats and their sleeping positions are very compact, I’ve realised.


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