I can almost breathe. It’s a comforting to know that a week from today my university stuff will be OVER.

The random trip I did to Europe was a change I needed much. Got so fed up with London that my own bad mood started working me up even more (vicious circle). So I had to get out. Went to Brussels, met up with my parents, drove around in France (Normandie), went back to Brussels to chill with Joha for a few days. Some power-writing (essays) had to be done, but hey, at least I’ve handed everything but one thing in now. And the last thing is just a log/evaluation. Eeeeasy.

So, France and Belgium were good. I would and could move to France solely for the amazing food (cheez) there. And freshly baked breads. And then Belgium would be really near, for good chocolate. I still get wet dreams from that cheese in the Frogland.

I had to pull an allnighter prior to my departure from Brussels. Finished my advertising case study and by that time I only had 1.5h to sleep – not worth it.. Slept on the train back and was  half-conscious during the day. I realised that ‘stopping’ would probably put me to sleep straight away. I got off Eurostar, went home, dropped off my things, packed other things, went to uni, printed off work and handed it in, hopped on the tube and came to Esher (where I am right now). I collapsed right after having lunch. So I was right.

The trip was great, but the only thing constantly lacking was Neal. We spoke on the phone loads (I don’t want to think about my phone bill), but still.. it’s not quite the same. Nothing is the same. It’s a new level (of dependency?!) for me – not being able to enjoy myself to the absolute maximum, because I can’t share it with Neal. Fool.

After getting my first sunburn, the weather decided to swap back to volcanic ash and hail. And wind and rain. Fuck that.

Standard “write your beloved one’s name in the sand/mud” cliché holiday shot.

But the cool side of This one is that the beach where the photo is taken is across the bay from a place Neal stayed at, with his family, like 7 years ago! (The following photo is from My side of the bay) How cool a coincidence 🙂

That red castle-like building on the right, with spikey towers.

Possibly the coolest stone on the planet. Found from the same beach. (:


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