Morning Child

by Ave

When everything else fails, there’s always music. That’s unbelievably comforting to know.

All good on the Western front, only two weeks of death, plague, hunger and hysteria to go.

YAY for good weather!

Oh yes. Also, the political debates are my new favourite passé-temps. It’s like a TV series that’s aired once every few years, and gets more idiotic every time. I really hope Lib Dems win this time. Because Conservative and Labour have humiliated themselves to an unexcusable extent. Their politics have morphed and changed and swapped over times, and I’m not sure if they know what their goals are.. but basically the main thing is to keep fighting against each other. And BNP can go f*ck their racist selves.

GO LIB DEM. Even just because you guys haven’t turned into complete mugs just yet.

And it’s good to know there are food alternatives. Even when the taste is beyond questionable.