Mango-papaya-passion fruit

This is the most regular blog post I have written in a while. While eatinag mango, papaya and passion fruit yogurt. It’s deeeliciiiouuus.

Yesterday, quite surprisingly I got a call in the morning from Jorma who’d just landed at Stansted, coming back from a week-long holiday in Portugal. His flight back to Tallinn was THIS morning though. So he came to London and we touristed around quite hecticly. I was surprised by the fact that I wasn’t completely repulsed by the idea of being a tour guide – I enjoyed it very much despite hail, rain and generic shit weather.

First we went to Camden – always quite jokes. Especially when one can shove their head up a massive copper horse’s nostril. Why not. Also randomly saw my course mate there, which almost never happens to me in London, bumping into people I know.
After Camden took the tube to Tottenham Court Road, walked along Oxford Street down to Oxford Circus, down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, via Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square. Along the way took ridiculous touristy photos. Nice. Took the tube down to Embankment, walked along South Bank, past Shakespeare’s Globe, London Bridge and ended up at Tower Bridge, walked across it and finally hopped on a bus from there to Liverpool Street. And back home then. It was a long long trek, but enjoyable. Can’t do it too much though, because almost everyone who comes to London (to vistit me or for whatever other purpose) demands that trip.

On Friday I’m going to have Kadri over, who’s coming back from Aussie. Long time no see her indeed – like a year almost? That’s bless. More good times to be had. 🙂

A weird observation – ever since they changed the radiators in my flat, my room is constantly very humid. Condensation on windows all the time. And I thought I was sweating loads or something.. but apparently it’s the radiators. Fun fact here is that in my old flat the air was so dry my drawings and stuff kept falling off walls (blutack dried out) and now all the stuff on my walls is getting a bit curvy because of the humidity. It can never be alright, can it?

Also, I am not getting enough shifts at work, because it’s quite quiet and I don’t like it. No shifts = no money. Not good.

Might have to consider getting another job.

But trees are in bloom and it’s getting prettier. When it’s not hailing.

Concrete jungle?


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