Just so you know.

And sometimes it just keeps spitting in your face by reminding it every possible moment. It’s not too bad, but through Elina, I’d like to bring you the thought of the day by a wise man Aldous Huxley: “There’s something curiously boring about someone else’s happiness.”


2 thoughts on “Just so you know.

  1. yeap. boring as hell 😛
    although I am kind of sad I cannot get to your boring happy self on that other HYPER SECRET BLOG NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT anymore (&)

    1. I’m so boring I actually don’t have a hyper secret blog that nobody knows about. What you see here is all I have to display at the moment. I didn’t update the ‘personal’ one for ages, didn’t feel appropriate keeping it there.
      Wish I DID have gossipy stuff to moan about. Maybe I should make one of those veeery exclusive ones… No worries mate, you Will be included in the chosen ones if I do decide to start laying out my dirty laundry. Mwha

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