Early hours of 2010

I believe it’s appropriate to do a quick recap on 2009 and an intro to 2010.

2009 was an epic year. It revolved around London, skydiving, messy relationships, loads of work, great people, kodak moments, mind-blowing music, and a peace of mind on top of it all.
I think it’s essential to lose something first in order to find it. I lost my mind a few times, but found it. I lost my mind with complicated schemes with complicated people, but I guess all of those just paved the way to what I never thought was possible. Or well, I’d just become too cynical and bitter about it all (relationships). The end of 2009 proved me that it only takes one random trail of coincidences for someone’s world view to change completely.

It cannot be put into words how good it feels to be so certain of something and someone that everything else just becomes trivial in an instant. Neal magnifies my better half. He makes me a better person. What more could I really ask for?

I’ve realised I have a ridiculously high tolerance of unpleasant things. The amount of work we had to do for uni in the end of the year was just mad. I did it though. I didn’t enjoy it, and it resulted in two weeks of physical repercussions of stress (migraine + flu), but with the right motivators, it’s alright at the end of the day. I truly hope 2010 will be a bit more enjoyable uni-wise.

I’ve met loads of really safe people in London. I love it because it’s not all about the people in my uni (even though they are gems). Incanto staff is unbelievably cool, and thanks to stumbling upon Neal, I’ve met so many people that are definite keepers.

The year change was full of good vibes and good people. I had an Estonian honeybunny over, Kristiin, who made me feel at home, providing some conversation in Estonian, and just quality company. Uku and Päivi popped down for Christmas and bro’s birthday. I love my people :). Actual NYE was slightly strange at first, but eventually turned out good, if not the best one I’ve had this far. Again, I partially blame the curly-haired one.

The first day of the year was sunny and bright, spent with quality people, quality music. I hope this foreshadows the rest of it. I am overwhelmed by how good I feel, and I am looking forward to the rest of 2010, even though it starts with 2 long essays and other things before 25th January. I choose to take annoying obligations with indulgent indifference, yet ace through them with elegance.

Life is good.

Peace and love.


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