Just to remind myself WHY

by Ave

Found my old personal statement for UCAS (university application thingie) where I wrote why I wanted to study journalism. Decided to post it here for motivation, basically. It sometimes does get quite tricky to keep the chin up, when it’s pouring outside, and work does not seem to have an end to it. So, this is why I’m here, doing what I do, apparently…

I had my first pragmatic contact with the “kitchen side” of journalism and media when I was just three years old. It was when my mother took me to the newspaper editorial board where she worked as an editor and a reporter. Today when I think about the importance of media and journalism, what fascinates me the most, is how powerful these things are in the modern world. Most of the information acquired comes through different media channels, and the power is within the hands of the people who process and produce this very information.

I have always been very inquisitive, and secretly dreaming of changing the world for a better, more truthful place, and making a difference of some sort. I have the belief that media, and the information passed on to people via different mediums, should be as accurate and unbiased as possible. Coming from a Post-Soviet state (Estonia), I am familiar with how media and newspapers can be manipulated in order to form a public opinion of a desired kind. Therefore, I got the fixed idea that media has to be the field my future profession is going to be in, because politics, which has also much power, is not really something I would want to be a real part of, personally. Intelligibly, this is what made me choose the courses of media and journalism, in the universities I applied to.

Being younger I dreamt of becoming a journalist who writes for National Geographic about cute animals, and wanders in the nature, but today I see myself more as doing some research on the hottest topics in rather social and cultural field. Culture in its many forms, has been a passion of mine also from early years. Starting with music school at the age of six (piano lessons, and later singing in a choir), and later in upper secondary school, taking part in different fiction writing competitions, where I have won prizes for short stories, and ending with passion for art (drawing being one of my most effective stress-relieving methods), photography and literature (both reading and writing). In addition to the cultural and intellectual interests of mine I have always enjoyed different kinds of sports and activities in the nature. I have been doing athletics for 5 years, and participated at national level competitions, and today I balance daily routines with regular visits to the gym. These leisure activities, and having an active social life, I find the most enjoyable in a good company my friends provide me with, and this is what I fill my days with, in addition to school.

I have also contributed to my school newspaper in Estonia with writing and editorial work. One article written by me has also been published in my community newspaper, in Estonia. Benefits for the research part of my future interests can be found from the IB Diploma programme, where the students have had to complete many extensive research works (such as the Extended Essay and Historical Investigation, among other assignments). I have also had the opportunity to work in the field of academic research due to my parents’ present professions, and I have helped with discourse and text analysis, which I both found rather captivating.

I believe IB has also helped me to become able to work effectively under big stress, and find those last pieces of motivation. I am aware that the work in media can, by no doubt, be of high stress levels, as well as university studies in general. For the summer of 2008 I am also planning to go on an apprenticeship in either a TV channel or a newspaper in Estonia, so that I could get an even better insight to this field.