Mi lluvia del verano y velocidad de la vida

Life is treating me well in most aspects. On a professional level I couldn’t really ask for more – just a few days ago I lost my live on air virginity and hosted a whole 1.5h radio show alone. Pretty good, in my book. I’ve managed to make one of my biggest dreams come true – I’m a skydiver now. Full on!

Being away from civilization has been wonderful. Even though I’ve been working a lot, I try to get away every spare moment. That resulted in me being on different Estonian islands for two weeks. The grande finale was Kämp Kihnu with a bunch of other lovely skydiving maniacs. Quality, quality, quality.

Somehow I still manage to feel void (that happens during the time I’m not spending waiting for another load or canopy flying or something similar). This summer has gone so fast, and even though it’s not over yet, it feels like it.

The strange feeling also comes from some people in my life. What I fail to understand is how people can never really put things into perspective from the other person’s angle. Closing your mind and being stubborn is surely the best way to understand someone else’s motives, isn’t it? I’m sorry, but fucking hell, how can they approach things so fucking black-and-white? If you dig a hole for yourself, and believe (that’s just what you think) that it was the other person who gave you the shovel, you were still the one digging.

Otherwise: lovely people, lovely times. I really want to settle somewhere for longer than half a year, I feel. I’m tired of having to be sad when I have to leave once again. This happens with London, Tallinn, Finland… It’s almost making me scared of getting used to things somewhere, because I know I’m leaving soon..

So, better not to let things into my heart.


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