I am

by Ave

…the architect of future.

Choose your canvas, find your paints, and create the most beautiful utopian dream.

Too bad the two kinds of dreams, the ones you have at night, and the ones you have in an abstract form about the future or whatever, don’t have separate words in English. They need distinction. In Estonian, the night-time dream is unenägu [literal translation ‘the face of sleep’], but the dream of becoming a pilot when you grow up is unistus.

The utopian dreams painted on the perspective canvas of your life are not utopian, they are unistus. See the thing is that, depending on the colours you choose, you choose whether your utopian dream remains an unenägu or unistus.

You are the architect of your future. And we all have the same paints to choose from, at the end of the day.

what the fuck have you done