Pavlovian Problems

… or not quite, but technically. Last night around 1am I had a rather intriguing discussion about dribbling. The background: I was already in bed, lying on the right side of my face on the pillow, trying to have a conversation. Since half of my face was clenched by the old pillow, I started driblling from my right mouth corner. Obviously I didn’t let it get out of hands and wiped it, but that raised a question: does everyone dribble when they’re lying on their face and talking at the same time?

I thought to myself that this is a natural thing to happen – I think I know other people who get that as well. But I was hecticly convinced into believing that I am alone with my problem. I doubt my Estonian background has anything to do with it. Am I just a bit of a special case?

Oh, and for your information – when I lifted my face up a bit, mouth not touching the pillow, I stopped dribbling.

It’s a rather soft-core existential thought for a rainy Saturday morning.


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