Log: Online

I have been using different online tools for a while, but I still managed to start taking more advantage of the possibilities. Facebook and other social networking sites are old news, but a new cool thing for me to discover thanks to Multimedia Journalism was Twitter. I was a bit cautious about it at first – probably just a matter of getting into habit of using it. Now I like it quite a lot, but still don’t use as much as Facebook, for example. I guess the matter of habit is what limits all those very fancy feeds and things you can have on the internet. I’ve always used my Favourites folder and I don’t think I’ll ever start using RSS feeds, Delicious or something like that properly.  I guess all those things work for most people who use internet a lot, but I myself consider myself slightly more oldschool, and I prefer doing it ‘manually’.

One of the lovely things I started using was Vimeo, because YouTube does not appeal to me aesthetically that much. It compresses the quality, but Vimeo keeps it as it is. Unfortunately Vimeo is not as popular, so when I produce video content, I’ll put it up both on Vimeo and YouTube.

When it comes to blogging and journalism, I’ll definitely keep on doing that. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to label my blog posts as journalism, but since I’ve done it for *years* now, it’s good self-indulgent fun. Sometimes when I actually have something relevant to say, I might use my blog for that – so works perfectly for me.


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