Log: multimedia, the net and journalism

by Ave

The net changing journalism? Yes. What has changed the most is not exactly the platform, but rather the distribution. Some bloggers are now ‘citizen journalists’ but can that still be labelled as journalism? The prime task of journalism was distribution of information, and now it’s become largely peer-to-peer thanks to online tools, social network sites, and other things. One single authorative source of information is not enough any more. In a way it gives people more varied information, but then again the quality goes down because user generated/provided information is often not fact checked nor edited. On the other hand those quality information providers, such as the BBC for example, they take almost full advantage of online platforms. The Guardian newspaper even has online blogs! They’re all on Twitter and what not – you can literally follow them on all the different platforms. It’s all made very easily accessible, but readers-users-followers have to put more effort into filtering the vast amount of information thrown at them.

Even though a big part of information is internet-based now, online journalism hasn’t taken over completely yet. We’re still buying printed newspapers (less, but still), and there’s broadcast journalism, that does not seem to be going anywhere yet. Perhaps multimedia journalism is in an experimental phase then. But even that experimental phase is worth following, because one might stumble upon gems that cannot be found anywhere else in media.