Log: Audio

I did  my audio slideshow on the snow chaos in London. Eventually it was very old news, but I didn’t have anything much better to do it on. It had a newsy approach, and I took photos for it myself, as well as using some from other news channels websites.

When I made it, I tried to keep in mind that it is going to be an online thing. Something you’d find on the BBC website, one of those short news clips. And I guess it sort of worked, but I’m not too happy with the outcome – quite mediocre in my opinion, because my enthusiasm died a bit in the process of making it. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more with more practical guidance. We were never really taught all the tricks on Audacity and it became a bit of a hassle because of that. Just unnecessary stress that could have been solved with more effective group sessions. (Hats down for the video part in that respect – Movie Maker was really dumbed down for us enough, and thanks to that we were eventually able to do the audio slideshow as well)


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