Log: Video

The video project we (Nassia and I) decided to do was partially also for the other part of our module – multimedia journalism. Since we were doing a fashion blog for that,  we decided to do the video on something related to fashion. So we asked people what defines their style on video in our university (Harrow campus). It was great fun doing it. Funnily enough we ended up using the footage that was meant to be more like a test, to see if we’d actually catch enough people and all that. We ended up with more than enough footage (almost 2h?) and some lovely gems there we just could not leave unused. I was behind the camera and Nassia was caught the people.

Putting the actual video together was mostly my task. I ended up cutting the footage, editing the sound and cutaways, finding music. Decided on the final background music together with Nassia though. It took ages to do (very energy-consuming as well!), but I didn’t mind in the end, because I liked editing (almost everything). Nassia was happy with I had done, so it seems that the group work worked out as well. It doesn’t always have to be perfectly balanced.

The fact that it had to go online made it a lot more compact, I suspect. We did not have much time to use for the video, because people just lose interest after about 3 minutes of watching a clip online. So we had to work on that a Lot, and crop-crop-crop. I think in the end it was still a bit too long.

The end product of the video part might not have been the best quality video ever made, but I had fun doing it. What I loved the most about it was how our original idea was slightly different, but when we actually started filming, the idea just morphed on its own into what it ended up as.


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