I love innovation

by Ave

I hate public transport in Tallinn. It’s always been a bit smelly, old, … and you know, that thing just happens when you get a driver’s licence. But since I got my purse stolen in London in the beginning of February, I’m still without a licence that I could use abroad (my licence was Finnish). So I was forced to use the good old bus to get myself into civilisation. To my not that big of a surprise I found no cash on me whatsoever for a bus ticket. Grumpy as I was from waking up way too early in the morning, I didn’t want to get fined. Not much more to do than to just count on good luck or something.

Until… I saw a blurry sticker on the wall. Put my glasses on and read about mobile tickets. It works with ID cards and you can just order a ticket with your phone. Whatever kind of ticket you want. Just call: thisonenumber*ticket code*ID number… and you’ll have a ticket. Should the ticket inspectors come on the bus, you just wave your ID card at them (and they can check the ticket’s validity).

I was so positively surprised it firstly worked, secondly I didn’t have to buy a paper ticket (saves the nature), and well, doesn’t it make everybody happy when things just work?

10 points goes to Tallinn for an absolutely amazing bus ticket system.