How’d faqFashion go?

The group blog faqFashion we started for Multimedia Journalism module seems to have been a success.

The size of our group was fairly big, which I was first slightly worried about, but at the end of the day I feel like we had a lot of nice diversity. In my eyes that very diversity was what we were striving towards. We wanted to start a different fashion blog, and thanks to all the different roles, we accomplished it. Fashion blogs are definitely not the most original form of blogs out there, but that was exactly the challenge we wanted to take. We chose the best bits of different fashion blogs ant put them together.

Thanks to the size of our group – seven people – we had three posts per day, so content was constantly renewed. I think this is an important aspect of keeping a blog interesting. As we all had our own field to cover on different days, same sort of posts did not go up on the same day, which in my opinion made faqFashion interesting as well.

It also seems that our blog was a success because it got a fair amount of traffic from outside our journalism course, which shows that the content was interesting enough to attract other people. The topics covered were controversial at times and intriguing to inflict some response. We alsp put polls up on our blog, which is a fairly good way of engaging audience without much effort from their part.

What I found tricky about the blog was having been assigned certain days when we had to post. Since my topic was street fashion and style wrongdoings.. or well, just curious combinations, I truly had to look for material to publish. It was easy in the beginning, but at one point I just couldn’t find anything that would make my eyes bleed enough. On a more liberal schedule, I think, inspiration would work better. The fact that I Had To post probably jinxed my luck with sketchy combinations.

Another weakness of faqFashion is how female-oriented it is. Most of fashion seems to revolve around women, but I think faqFashion kind of blog would be perfect for covering more men’s fashion as well. I tried to do that myself, but it’s actually not that easy. I will try to do it more in the future.

Another strong side of our blog was the fact that half of the photographic content (if not more) was taken by us. It shows well that we actually did something in real life to get those posts! When it comes to me – I got quite a kick out of chasing some details, things, and people with my camera. My favourite picture was taken on a packed Circle line tube. We also managed to produce some original video material for Westminster fashion and Music and fashion.

I have to admit I did not learn any new things technically by contributing to this blog. Probably because I am a veteran blogger already. What I did learn about was how difficult it can be to get interesting content when you have a deadline. Sometimes the quality of writing goes down because of that. I suppose it’s the same with print journalism as well – sometimes you just don’t get the right things, but you Have To write something.

I enjoyed the blog-writing much. We will most probably keep on writing on it, but not on a strict schedule. I have never been too much into fashion, but I’ve learnt to love it now, in my own slightly sarcastic way. But then again.. diamons are a girl’s best friends.

Everything about faqFashion could be put into one sentence : we still want to write it, even when we don’t have to.


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